Song of Ribhu Chapter 3 Verses 7-12


Ribhu begins:

“The concept of the entire moving and moving is illusory.”

Read by Richard Clarke. 

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3 Responses to “Song of Ribhu Chapter 3 Verses 7-12”

  1. Jeffrey Harrison Says:

    I’m going back to India in around a month or so. I was in tiru during the entire pandemic for a year and a half. I was thinking of Goa this time possibly, because the environment and quality of life there are a little higher than tiru. My only regret is that it does not have the mountain. Did you ever go to Goa? I was wondering what your experience might have been. 

  2. Jeffrey Harrison Says:

    Richard, thank you so much for all these wonderful videos! They’re very helpful and I share them with others. Are you aware of any videos or sound recordings in english of Ramana’s Marital Garland hymn to Arunachala? It seems like something very important that has been completely overlooked. I like to read them but I would really like to just to be able to listen to them spoken and go along with them in my mind quietly. If it hasn’t been done would you be interested in doing a segment or two even of a small number of the verses to start with?

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