New Podcast Series” Ramana Maharshi Commentary


Ramana Maharshi, at age of “Who am I?” dialog

I have started a podcast series that may interest readers of this blog. It is Ramana Maharshi Commentary.

I have spent more than 30 years absorbing his teaching and practicing the Self-inquiry Ramana taught. For many of these years I was with Nome of SAT in Santa Cruz, CA. Nome was the first teacher to present Ramana’s teachings in the USA. Nome found the truth of these teachings as his own direct experience, and it is that experience from which he taught. I bring these years of study and practice to this series.

I will post links to the first four sessions. Listen, reflect, and deeply meditate. Realize what Ramana says as your own being.

Podcast links:

If you like these, please let me know.

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6 Responses to “New Podcast Series” Ramana Maharshi Commentary”

  1. Gajula Yugandhar Says:

    Hello Richard,
    Missing your posts since May last. Hope all is well at your end. Love you All. @Yugandhar

  2. Richard Clarke Says:

    We still are isolating enough so that no live meetings, only Zoom. \

    • Evelyn Kendall Says:

      I am so happy to have found a connection to Ramana in Mexico. I have been in Panama as a retiree and cannot find anyone interested in the Teachings of Ramana. I have studied these teachings for over 25 years and I yearn for the company of other Ramana devotees.I have thought seriously about moving to Mexico.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Consider moving the the Lake Chapala area. There is a spiritual life here, and even a few who love Ramana’s teaching.
      For me it is important to have a few others who love the teachings around. We have been here 6 years, after 8 year in Tiruvannamalai. We are happy here.

  3. Jeffrey Harrison Says:

    Do you have group meetings in lake Chapala?

  4. Jeffrey Harrison Says:

    Awesome thanks for great posts!!

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