Satsang – Ramana Maharshi’s “Who am I?” – Paragraph 27


Ramana’s words:
“Not to desire anything extraneous to oneself constitutes vairaga (dispassion) or nirasa (desirelessness).
Not to give up one’s hold on the Self constitutes jnana (knowledge).
But really vairaga and jnana are one and the same. Just as the pearl diver, tying stones to his waist, dives down into the depths and gets the pearl from the sea bed, so every aspirant pledged to vairaga can dive deep into himself and realize the precious Atman.
If the earnest seeker would only cultivate the constant and deep contemplative “remembrance” (smrti) of the true nature of the Self till he has realized it, that alone would suffice.
Distracting thoughts are like the enemy in the fortress. As long as they are in possession of it, they will certainly sally forth. But if, as and when they come out, you put them to the sword, the fortress will finally be captured.”
With videos from James Swartz, Mooji, and Nome of SAT. Photos of Arunachalaswara Temple, where Ramana first stayed in Tiruvannamalai are included.
Satsang from Richard Clarke

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