Mooji not returning to Tiruvannamalai


You may have heard about this, but I wanted to post a notice just in case.

Mooji is not coming to Tiruvannamalai this season. He put up a video notice on his web site a few days ago to that effect. You can view his notice at this link. 

Mooji talked about getting a warning from friends in Tiruvannamalai that there is a “certain tension” here, and “forces that are actively working to prevent” a visit to Tiruvannamalai. He did not say more about the problems. I have heard that he was warned about tax problems from his earnings while in India, and there was a police threat to arrest him. This is just a rumor and may not be true, but I wanted to be share what I heard, since I know that many want to know what is the problem.  Out experience here is that Arunachala showers grace on all. We certainly hope that no harm comes to Mooji or any of his followers, and that the grace of Arunachala is in the hearts of all.

If Mooji does have a problem like this, then I would guess that he may never return to Tiruvannamalai to give satsangs.

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13 Responses to “Mooji not returning to Tiruvannamalai”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    Hey Swami Laughalot: How easy it is to dirty someones good name by spreading malicious gossip like this. Until there is conclusive proof of such bahaviour best keep your suspicions to myself. I don’t warm to Mooji as a teacher myself in particular but to be spreading such rumours is a very ugly thing. I have known a good number of people who follow Mooji quite closely and there is absolutely nothing to suggest anything untoward with him. By all accounts he seems to be a pretty genuine character. I do understand he has a girlfriend/partner these last couple of years but I don’t think we should hold that against him should we ?? (sometimes we really expect the teachers to be saints don’t we ?)

  2. Swami Laughalot Says:

    I was told it is common knowledge among close devotees of Mooji that he has had sexual relations with various girls over the years. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Also, has anyone heard of Thuli Baba? Someone told me to stay away, but did not say why?

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I have not specifically heard about Mooji and sexual relations, but I am not close to any lpng time Mooji follower. I did hear of a friend who went to see him and he seemed to have a bevy of female attendants. I have not heard any negative about Thuli Baba, and know a few that make a special effort to be with him when he comes to Tiruvannamalai.

      I also know that in some cases the perceived sexual energy from a teacher is just a projection from the follower. Its gets complicated, and I suspect we rarely have the actual story, and I know that projections get in the way of reality in many cases. My general advise, what my teacher Nome said, I think, is that you cannot judge any teacher by what you hear. You must have the direct experience yourself. Otherwise it is just pure imagination. .

    • Swami Laughalot Says:

      Some good things to consider.
      I would add there is no perceived sexual energy or projections.
      I am male, and it is purely based on what someone told me.
      I agree that experience is the key, but if the sexual rumor is true, it is one thing that would make it difficult for me to follow him.
      Not saying it means he’s not Realised if it is true, only that it would be an issue here.

  3. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    I am coming to Tiruvannamalai last 12 years and I can say it is big change. From my standpoint of person who want spend time in meditation and study it is declining. Much more people, (spiritual) tourist, cafes, strange foreign ,,teachers” like Ceasar or Karl and many others who teach some mishmash or just doing fun and their followers who walk in Ramana samadhi with shoes, huging men and women in ashram or on the street, and of course rising prices.
    Sure some Indians can earn money becouse of it.
    Last coment is obviously from person who like Mooji.
    But I think Mooji may be an enlightened person. I saw him after ,,satsang” when he was in his famous ,, love mood”. He was giving big hugs and many kisses and words of love to everybody who requested. Mostly it was elder women ( something from 60 – 100 ) often quite ugly… I could not imagine to do it myself. Sometimes he went with this kind of group to Ramanasram, holding hands together, everybody was so happy and in bliss. Like new prophet. Terrible or funny sight? Well we had fun to observe it.

  4. Venkata Ramana Sarma Podury Says:

    I am indian and have been living in Thiruvannamalai for the last 2 years adjacent to Naannagaaru ashram. I do not agee with many of .the comments above. His satsangs are good though very few locals attend. It is not correct to say that his desciples have hiked the rents here. it is a question of demand and supply and infact activities of pesrons from other countries helped many locals here in many ways.

    As regards the threat of his arrest by police, it may not be correct as the Indian Tax laws are not that idiotic. Without giving notice and without giving opportunity to explain they do not punish.

    Ramana Sarma

  5. maryjoma Says:

    Arunachala rules Tiruvannamalai and for those spiritually awake, the whole world.

    If Mooji is not being allowed to return it is because Mooji and his followers have been very disruptive to the quiet and spiritual atmosphere of Tiruvannamalai and this goes for Nityananda and his followers, too. Nana Garu is considered a walking God in Arunachala’s territory. What do they expect but trouble?

    Mooji’s followers who parachute in with Euro currency conversion advantage have hiked up house rents to ridiculous heights in Tiruvannamalai, they are noisy, dress inappropriately and the dance parties that some of them throw isn’t part of Tiruvannamalai culture. I agree with the previous comment – these guys are better suited for Goa or Kovalam.

    If Mooji bribes his way back into India without changing his ways, I am very sure Arunachala will bring out a stronger blessing for him.

  6. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    If the rumor is true then I understand standpoint of Indian police. There is no reason why rich Englishman making huge cash from another rich westerners ( rich in Indian sense) while in India should not pay taxes in India.
    If Mooji is right about “forces that are actively working to prevent…”
    then I also understand that some or many people there don´t like him or his followers becouse they doing MESS there. 200 -300 people coming becouse of him to small suburb of small South Indian city. Many of them without knowledge and respect of Indian customs. Spoiling locals and doing disservice to spiritually serious westerners staying there.
    So Thank You Mooji for Your not coming and for next time consider some other place like Goa or Kovalam which would suit You better.

  7. Suryanarayana Raju Says:

    Sometime back Nanna garu is charged with murder case which is a blatant lie.There are evil forces in Tiru to pull down anybody if they suspect they are dangerous to their self interest.

  8. drsundaram Says:

    btb who is mooji mr richard. i am sorry if I had asked a clarity for one that i should not. Normally when you post the details will be admired by one and all. So hope mooji is also one such a Jnani to be revered.

    • richardclarke Says:

      Mooji is a Western spiritual teacher, who for the last few years has offered satsang in Tiruvannamalai. His sessions are the most attended, by far, with 200 – 300 sitting with him each day. Carol I have gone to his sessions and found them worthwhile (though we find those of our teacher, Nome, to be the deepest available anywhere), and many other people seem to get benefit. He teaches of Ramana’s inquiry. He is one of Papaji’s devotees. Here is his web site , He also has many YOuTube postings, so you can listen to his teaching.

  9. Udaysree Says:

    as we know from history there are always negative forces who want to destroy the vedic tradition. i can throw in a few names but will constrain myself… leaders of the vedic tradition in form and those who left their form some time ago have given and will continue to give humanity tremendous help in varies ways so humanity’s sufferings on physical, mental and spiritual levels are reduced or even eliminated. some grab the opportunity to be helped and flower spiritually, others still have to wake up. blessed are those who know the right step to take… peace and bliss to all

  10. cspacenz Says:

    Ah yes, the “spiritual teachers” and their “earnings”.

    I appreciate that mooji is very popular and that my couple of months in Tiruvannamalai put me in contact with many of his adoring followers, all wondering why on earth I was not attending his meetings.

    Call me cynical but to me mooji is just another cult leader who, with all sorts of good intentions originally, seems to be cashing in like so many others of his ilk.

    But here’s my point….I can’t imagine Sri Ramana Maharshi for a moment ever having these sorts of issues, his very life was utterly blameless, but then he was a real and true spiritual teacher wasn’t he ?

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts Richard, keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

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