Satsang with Ganesan in Tiruvannamalai


In the winter ‘season’ there are many who come to Tiruvannamalai to attend or to give satsang. When Indians come to Tiruvannamalai to walk ’round Arunachala they are able to have darshan of God at many temple and shrines. When westerners come during the season, they are able to attend satsang with many different teachers.

We have heard a number of these teachers. Some we are happy to go to again and again. Some we are happy to never go to again. Some teachers attract many westerners, some mainly Indians, a few attract both. Ganesan is one of these few that attracts both westerners and Indians.

Ganesan is different from most other teachers in Tiruvannamalai. He had direct experience with Sri Ramana. He is Sri Ramana’s grandnephew. He was with Ramana as a child and was 13 years old when he died. Ganesan has made a particular effort to contact and to get to know those who had deep spiritual experiences with Sri Ramana. His experiences with Ramana, stories he heard from his family (who ran Ramanasramam during Ramana’s life and afterwards), and intimate knowledge of Ramana’s devotees give Ganesan a unique viewpoint.

The other two men of Ganesan’s generation are Sundaram, the President of Ramanasramam, and Mani, who seems to be the operations manager of Ramanasramam. Of these, Ganesan is much closer to the actual teaching of Sri Ramana.

Ganesan is humble in his approach. He speaks of ‘sharing’ rather than teaching. He in no way wants to do anything that would put him ‘above’ anyone who comes to see him and listen.

Satsang his held this year in his house. It is in a compound just west of Tiruvannamalai out Bangalore road. (Any rickshaw driver can take you. They all know where he lives.)


When you get to the gate you can see the sign. Even here ‘sharing’ is mentioned, not teaching of satsang.


Through the gate is the compound and the house. Satsang is held on the porch.


Chairs are set out, with a chair and table for Ganesan in the corner. There usually are free handouts on a table near the entrance. These have Ramana teachings that Ganesan wants us to read, contemplate and to meditate upon.


An altar with a big picture of Sri Ramana is on the wall, facing where Ganesan sits.

The porch usually fills up before 9:30 with the chairs occupied and people seated  on cushions on the floor. Before the start, we can all hear Ganeshan chanting the ‘108 Names of Ramana’ from within the house.


When he comes into the space, he usually sits for a few moments and meditates, then chants, “Om Bhagavate Namo Sri Ramana” three times.

Then he starts to talk.


Ganesan talks at a most simple and straightforward level in which the basic teachings are clear.


As he talks, many stories are interspersed within his words.  Many of these have never been published anywhere. Some of these are of what some would consider miracles, or siddis. Ramana did not want these kinds of stories distributed, since he said that these ‘powers’ were just of the mind and were a distraction from real deep practice.


Often people bring video cameras into the space. As long as they are not to obtrusive Ganesan says nothing to discourage this.

Ganesan usually talks for about one hour, usually without any questions. If there are questions, he will answer them.


We find Ganesan’s ‘sharing’ to be very worthwhile and will attend if at all possible.

After Ganesan’s sharing this day, we returned to our house on the southwest side of the mountain.

We have moved from this house now, but still love the view of the mountain from that house. Here it is.


Om Arunachala.  

Om Bhagavate Namo Sri Ramana

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10 Responses to “Satsang with Ganesan in Tiruvannamalai”

  1. Jose Carte Says:

    Hi, Namaste.
    I would like to have V. Ganesan’s postal address in Tiruvannamalai
    as I’d like to write ti him.

  2. Lalitha Ramesh Says:

    The view of Arunachala from the house you lived in is splendid ! How lucky to be able to remain so close to Arunachala Ramana !

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  4. rpodury Says:

    and made her sit in his lap. Ganesan mentioned that the bay was one of the twins born to his nephew. He said that this nephew was not blessed with children even after 5 years of marriage and while going back after pying a visit to Ganesan, His nephew’s wife sought the blessings of Ganesan for children and at that time Ganesan patted her and told her that she was already with a child, not one but two. The blessing fructified later with the delivery of the twin girls. He added that these girls were destined to achieve spiritual progress and one day would in the same chair he was sitting now and would give satsang. After the satsang when I sat in the tea shop sipping tea in the shop few yards away from the Big lion statue It flashed to me that the girl who was sitiing in the lap of Ganesan could be the lady who appeared to me in the meditiation. Just a thought. I thought I would share with you

    Ramana Sarma

  5. rpodury Says:

    Dear Richard

    Thank you very much for the posting on Ganesan satsang and on climbing of Arunachala. The pictures on and from Arunachala top are unique and I have senn pictures of the Peak only for the first time. It is surprising that you were active inspite of your accident. Hope you are recovering fast.

    As regards satsang with Ganesan your description with pictures mad me feel I attended the satsang again. Before last year I attended these satsangs continuously for 10 days.

    I liked, apart from other things,Ganesan’s intense devotion to Ramana which also transports us to higher levels of devotion. I wanted to share with you one interesting thing happpend during one of the satsangs I attended. As you are aware people who gather for satsang sit in meditiation before Ganesan comes to his chair. That day also I sat in meditation as usual. during that meditation a vsion passed through my mind wherein I found a lady of about 40 years was about to sit in the chair where Ganesan sits. A thought flashed in my mind to the effect that why somebody else was occupying the chaire instead of Ganesan. All this happened in a fleeting time and I do not know whether it was a dream state or a waking state. After that Ganesan as usual came and sat in the chair and was about to start the satsang. Then One lady from Ganesan’s house came out with a small baby (

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