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New Rooftop Garden Restaurant Open in Tiruvannamalai

October 16, 2013

A new Rooftop Garden is opening in Tiruvannamalai at Ashreya Hotel, near Ramana Ashram. As the map shows, it is 2 km west of Ramana Ashram, off Bangalore (or Chengam) Road. Turn left at the signs, and drive about 300 meters until you come to the hotel


We were invited to come to the opening night. Here is the sign, atop the hotel.


The front of Ashreya Hotel, lit up at night.


A colorful rangoli, flower decoration in a bowl, greets us in the lobby.


The rooftop restaurant is up these stairs.


They have a nice lobby, maybe the nicest in town.


We had to wait a few minutes while they got ready. Richard sits on a soft sofa.


Flowers on the lobby table.


Flowers also line the stairs …


And hallway.


Ramana pictures in the lobby.



It’s time to go. Carol starts up the three flights of stairs.


Management and employees of Ashreya.


When we got up to the roof, we found out why they wanted us to come on this night. We were to cut the ribbon to open the place!

Richard performs the official opening.


Our first look at the potted plants now on the roof.


Standing under a thatched shelter, now on the rooftop.


We will sit at a table along the side. A rope of lights provides a nice soft illumination.


They bring us the first meal served here, with cold beer and chicken lollypops.

They have two kitchens at the hotel, one pure vegetarian and the other non-veg. At the Rooftop Garden, you can order from either menu.


We came back to look around and take a few pictures during the daytime when there is better light.

We check the place out. Nice!

DSC01112 - Copy

Pleasant seating area for small groups or intimate couples.

DSC01114 - Copy

There will soon be a table under the thatched roof.

DSC01116 - Copy

There is a great view of Arunachala from the rooftop, about the nicest available from any eating place in Tiruvannamalai.

DSC01123 - Copy

A little story about why they like us so much.

When we first moved to India about six years ago we lived in a house on the other side of these palms trees pictured below. You can barely see the rooftop railing from the hotel roof.

We had seen construction going on for a big building nearby. One night we saw colored lights on the building and the next morning we saw a colorful awning set up outside. We walked over and they were having some kind of celebration. It was a Ganesh pooja, which is used to open buildings in India. We got there just in time for them to offer us breakfast! This was about the first time we ever ate Indian-style outside Ramana Ashram.

DSC01121 - Copy

We moved out of this neighborhood for a couple of years, then rented this house (seen here from the Ashreya rooftop), very near to Ashreya Hotel. Right when we moved in, they opened the Tangam Bar at the Ashreya. It is a very nice non-veg restaurant and bar attached to the hotel. We were their very first customers! We also liked it because, if we were tired in the evening, Richard could take a very short walk and order us up a meal. They would prepare it and bring it to our door. What convenience!

DSC01118 - Copy

We take a last look at Arunachala, and head off.

DSC01126 - Copy

There is a lady working on a flower bowl as we walk out.

DSC01130 - Copy

Fresh bowls on the steps.

DSC01131 - Copy

Ashreya Hotel in the daylight.

DSC01133 - Copy

We like this place. It is clean and well cared for, and they really want to take care of their guests and customers.

We have eaten here at both restaurants a number of times, and if ever we feel like going out and having a beer in the evening, this is the place we will go. The few other bars in town are all grubby and dingy and not too pleasant. In the evenings at the Ashreya, you now have two good outside options: the new Rooftop Garden, and another nice outside patio next to the bar.

So if you are in Tiruvannamalai, and ever want a cold beer, and a veg OR non-veg snack or meal, Ashreya is a great option.

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