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Weekly Satsang October 8, 2014: What do you consider you self to be?

October 8, 2015

Here in Ajijic, Mexico, I have started holding weekly satsangs, times when spiritual seekers can gather to look at and listen to some of the best Non-dual Teachings available. I am not a spiritual teacher, but I just wish to share with other seekers and meditators some teaching that I listen to and love.

So each week I present a YouTube video about Ramana Maharshi or Self-inquiry, and then we listen to part of a satsang by Nome of the Society of Abidance in Truth. I have been listening to Nome for 25 years, and practicing (or trying to practice) what he talks about. This has brought me peace and happiness each day since. At the end of the satsang we have a few mintues to experience Self-inquiry. Since most people who attend here in Mexico are new to this kind of meditation, we do it as a “guided inquiry” where I suggest approaches to inquiry.

I realized that since most of this content is recorded, I can put them up on this blog. This way readers could listen, reflect and deeply meditate along with those who are here with us in Mexico.

This is the first of these posts. Welcome.

First a video introduction to Ramana Maharshi:

Sri Ramana Maharshi Full Life Story Documentary

Then a discourse and dialog from Nome:

What do you consider your self to be?


Now I suggest inquiry for you:

Notice that you exist.

Now ask yourself, “Who am I?, and investigate within yourself to see just where the “I” rises from within yourself.

(I asked Carol if I should record the guided inquiry from the session, and she said, “No. You are not a teacher. Nome and Ramana are the teachers.” I bow to her wisdom. What do you think?)

If you like these satsang posts, let me know and I will keep them up. If you are ever in Mexico, near Guadalajara, maybe you can attend? They are held on Saturday afternoon, 3 PM. Ask for location and directions.


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