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Self-Knowledge Satsang, October 8, 2016

October 17, 2016

From our weekly satsang at our home in Mexico, in the Ajijic area near Guadalajara. We watch several short nondual and Advaita Vedanta videos from a variety of sources, and finish off with something from our long-time teacher, Nome of Society of Abidance in Truth – SAT, in Santa Cruz, CA.


Part – 4 -Sri Ramana Maharshi “SELF INQUIRY” with David Godman and Dr Reinhart Jung

Discussion of Ramana Maharshi’s Self-inquiry. Very worth while.

Other Nondual teachers

Mooji   Remain as Space-like Awareness ◦ Guided Meditation

Give yourself about 30 minutes and meditate along with this video.

Nome: Certain Knowledge

Of wqhat are you certain? Thoughts and sensations come and go; they are not certain. Your existence is certain. it is always present. What else is certain? Listen to Nome and dive deep within to see what is certain and what is not. Those things that are not certain come and go. What is certain is always there.

If you want, take a few minutes and inquire. Use the spiritual depth you may have gained from listening today to dive deep within yourself.

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