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Arunachala’s Inner Path

February 28, 2010

The Inner Path of Arunachala is a place of silent beauty and deep peace.

Arunachala and the Inner Path are shown in great detail in this blog. This includes detailed descriptions and photo essays for each section of the Inner Path, as well as nearby places that are rarely visited. Maps developed for this blog are also presented to assist readers who want to visit these special places of Arunachala.

The map below shows the six ‘sections’ of the Inner Path that are used below for the postings.

Arunachala's Inner Path
Notes on pradakshina (or girivalam):

Bring at least one litre of water per person (two if walking when it is hot).
Shoes are best for most people.

Ramana said, when asked, “I already wear one set of dead leather (meaning the body). What does another matter?”

The path is rough on most feet. If your feet hurt you will not pay much attention to Arunachala.

Quiet walking is best.
Take the time to notice Arunachala. It changes as you walk around it.

Inner Path Map developed from Google Earth (click to enlarge)
Arunachala Inner Path - Updated 27 Feb 2010

Arunachala’s Special Features

Caves of Arunachala provides details on the 24 caves we have found so far on and around Arunachala
Arunachala – On the Top

Arunachala Inner Path

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Inner Path – South Side from Ramanasramam

Walking to Skandashram
Walking to Virupaksha Cave

Inner Path – Southwest Side

Papaji’s Cave
Aum Amma’s Cave

Inner Path – Around Parvati Hill

A Path Across Arunachala
Holy Feet
Kattu Siva Cave
Kattu Siva Meditation Perch
Kattu Siva Path Renewal – Part 1
Kattu Siva Path Renewal – Part 2

Inner Path – The Elephant

Opening of the new Inner Inner Path
First Walk on the new Inner Inner Path
Adi Annamalai Temple
Under the loving gaze of The Elephant
Repairing Tanks Around Arunachala
Exploring the north side of Arunachala
To the top of the Northside Promontory
Climbing on Arunachala’s north side

Inner Path – Trees

Naga Shrine near the Inner Path

Inner Path – to Pachaiamman Koil

Pachaiamman Koil

East Side – Pachaiamman Koil to Arunachaleswara Temple

Arunachaleswara Temple
Walking to Virupaksha Cave
Arunachala – New Access to Ramana Sites Below Virupaksha Cave
Mango Tree Cave
Guhai Namasivaya Temple and Cave
Banyan Cave (Alamarathu Guhai Cave)
Pavala Kundru
Climbing to Seven Springs
Tortoise Rock and  Cave
Palamaram Ashram and Cave
Wedding Cave

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