Ramana Maharshi Timeline and Places

Ramana at Virupaksha Cave

Below is a listing of Ramana’s timeline and the place where he was at the time. Double click a place name to see it.

Every place associated with Sri Ramana Marharshi is shown. You can use the links to visit each of the places. If you know of others that should be shown, let me know.

Dates Location / Site
1879 – 1891 Tiruchuli Birthplace
Bhuminatheswara Temple
1892 – 1896 Madurai Realization Room
Meenakshi Temple
1896 Arayaninallur Temple
1896 Viratteswara Temple
1896 Arunachaleswara Temple
1896 Ayyankulam Tank
1898 Gurumurtam Temple
1899 Pavala Kundru
1899 Banyan Cave (Alamarathu Guhai Cave)
1899 Guhai Namasavaya Temple
1899 – 1916 Virupaksha Cave
1899 – 1905 Mango Tree Cave
1905 Pachaiamman Koil
1912 Tortoise Rock
1916 – 1922 Skandashram
Seven Springs
1922 – 1950 Ramanasramam
Ramana’s Bridge

There are a number of other timelines for Sri Ramana. Here is one of the best.

The photos below show Ramana at different ages. The body aged. He did not.

sos_06_bust c_we_27_bust soh_02_bust

6 Responses to “Ramana Maharshi Timeline and Places”

  1. Lakshminarayan G (@narayanagl) Says:

    Excellent blog. Thank you for sharing

  2. Theo Awakening Says:

    I ment 1918.

  3. Theo Awakening Says:

    Ramana also stayed at Pachaiamman Koil for 6 months during the spanish flu in 1928

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      You are certainly right. But wasn’t the Spanish flu in 1918? Please confirm and I wioll update the post.

  4. monacarol Says:

    hello any one living in worthing west sussex, who would like to make contact who is a devotte of RAMANA MAHARSHI

  5. prasanthjvrs Says:

    Excellent Excellent. Thanks a lot.

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