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The Life of Tamil Women

October 15, 2013

Over the years that we have written this blog we have written many articles that deal with the life of Tamil Women. So I created this page to make these articles more visible and easier to find.

Women’s Poojas

Women are restricted in  many ways in their temple worship. There are some rites and celebrations that are particularly feminine, and for women. I show several of them here.

Women at special Navratri Pooja

Pooja for women
Thiruvilakku Pooja in Tiruvannamalai Group pooja women
Women’s worship of the Divine Feminine
Worship of Village mother goddess

Rites of Passage

The life of a Tamil woman is marked by a series of rites of passage, starting from before they are born until after they die. Most of these are joyous, some just break your heart, like the stripping of the jewelry of a married woman after the death of her husband (shown in the Kariyam posting).

Dressing up during coming of age ceremony

Dressing up during coming of age ceremony

Two months before birth
Soon after birth
Usually about two years old
 Family celebration of first menses, when a girl becomes a woman.
  Public celebration of the first menses. The new “woman” is introduced to the community.
Wedding of Tamil man and woman.
Wedding of Tamil man and Western woman.
A woman’s body passes …
Taking woman’s ashes to disperse in a river
After-Death ceremony for a woman
After-death ceremony for new widow

School and Children

Women, their children and their schooling are things shared by women worldwide. Life for Tamil women is not so different.

Leaving for the first day of scdhool

Leaving for the first day of school

Summer Vacation is over, back to school today.
A nonprofit trust helps kids get supplies for new school year.
Awards and performances at a local school.
Parade and kids performances at local school

Home and Family

The Tamil woman’s life, especially in the many villages and small towns, is centered on home and family. In India these are often marked by various rites and ceremonies. Usually the participants in these are just family – but Indian families, their extended families, can be quite large. These posts show some family functions as well as the rites associated building a new home for the family.

Woman decorating gop for family celebration

Woman decorating gop for family celebration

Annual Family worship and celebration
Family celebration, and boy’s first haircut
Pooja done before construction starts on new house
Pooja done during house construction, when raising the main door’s lintel
Pooja done before occupying new house

Various Women’s Topics

People in Old Age Home

People in Old Age Home

Conditions of village women
Tribal women helping themselves

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