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Science Weekly – April 24, 2020

May 9, 2020


This complicates any search for a vaccine
Scientists: the Coronavirus Has Already Mutated Into 30+ Strains

The USA +and Mexico are nowhere near that testing capacity needed to safely reopen
Experts: US Will Need 20 Million Tests per Day to Reopen Safely

Remdesivir look promising as a treatment in early human testing
Remdesivir Update–Remdesivir-Update

Important news: COVID 19 lowers oxygen in blood. Buy a pulse-ox meter NOW.
UPDATE Possible major breakthrough on treating Covid 19 patients: detecting silent hypoxia early on.

After reading this I got one fro Amazon. Most models had one month lead time. I found one that shipped faster. I am monitoring my Blood Oxygen now.
It Sounds Like Blood Oxygen Monitors Could Be A Game Changer to Help Detect COVID-19

Trump was NOT telling the truth about Hydroxychloroquine. It does not help, in fact it gives a higher death rate.
Large Observational Study Finds No Beneficial Effect of Hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19

Several Coronavirus papers, from Nature
Pick of the coronavirus papers: Intensive testing finds a small town’s many silent infections

Seeking out good news is a great way to keep mentally balanced during the long period of social isolation  Now is the time to take steps to actively care for your own mental health.
Be proactive about mental health during COVID isolation, clinical psychologist says

There are many ways to take care of yourself. New research suggests that non-traditional social strategies, which can include so-called “guilty pleasures,” are just as effective at fulfilling critical social needs as family connections, romantic relationships or strong social support systems.
From watching reruns to relationships, there are many ways of feeling connected

This is why Coronavirus is so dangerous for diabetes patients, who already have a weakened vascular system.
Doctors Say COVID “Attacks” Blood Vessels Throughout Body

Top News

Is the Coronavirus recession enough to end Ford? They have to tool up for EVs, otherwise they will miss the market window. But where will Ford get the money for this?
Ford expects $2 bn loss in Q1 as virus shutdowns hit sales

Facebook is investing big money in the world’s largest emerging telecomm and internet market.
Facebook to invest $5.7 billion in Indian telecom company

Just getting advertising revenue is not enough, now Google wants in on the financial transaction.
Google confirms it wants to release a debit card


MIT researcher can send your brain ideas that turn into dreams. “Dreaming is really just thinking at night,” they say.
A lab that reads—and writes—our dreams

Now AI can write training manuals for new hires.
Artificial intelligence passes on skills at the workplace

A revolution is quietly taking place in agriculture. Robots tending to plants, AI systems that monitor plant disease. These developments really increase agricultural productivity. Two news stories.
The robots weeding organic farms and patrolling for greenhouse pests

Digital agriculture paves the road to agricultural sustainability

It is fun to have a playmate. Now Sony wants to give you  robot playmate. .
Sony eyeing robot friend for game players

Protein nanowires are used to increase the learning ability of computers.
Researchers unveil electronics that mimic the human brain in efficient learning

These tiny sensors are solar powered.
Tiny sensors fit 30,000 to a penny, transmit data from living tissue


Graphene nanomesh is a kind of new ‘brick’ for modern micromachine systems. We can tune the property of the device for nanoscale thermal management. The aim is to use graphene to build a greener world.
New ‘brick’ for nanotechnology: Graphene nanomesh

Self-assembly is a process in which a disordered system of pre-existing components forms an organized structure. This will be key to creating nanomaterials; let the material assemble itself.
Scientists uncover principles of universal self-assembly


Nitrogen makes up approximately 78% of the air we breathe. But scientists have never fully understood how it came to be present in the atmospheres. Now they have a good idea where it came from.
Study may explain the source of nitrogen in Earth’s atmosphere

Water-rich exoplanets like Neptune are common. Now they canstudy their mineralogy.
Scientists lead study of galaxy’s ‘water worlds’

We really are getting ready to explore and exploit the moon. Now we have a mineral map.
USGS releases first-ever comprehensive geologic map of the Moon


Leasing is perfect for EV since the technology will be changing a lot in the next few years.
EV Tuesday: 80% of Electric Cars are Leased

The world is drowning in plastic. Chemical recycling breaks the plastic down to the molecular level, making available “platform molecules” that can then be used to make other materials.
Plastic pollution: Chemical recycling could provide a solution

These scientists four an enzyme that can break down Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in a few hours, producing a material that can be reused to make new  plastic.
‘A huge step forward.’ Mutant enzyme could vastly improve recycling of plastic bottles

This is big: you can use your windows like solar panels and generate electricity.
Research: A solar window will soon do the same job as a standard rooftop solar panel

Don’t buy property in Florida,
Will Florida be lost forever to the climate crisis?


Virus shells are a great example of self-assembly. Now they are starting to understand how this happens.
Scientists shed new light on viral protein shell assembly

Stress even affects of cells!
How do our cells respond to stress?

The Biologic revolution will be bigger than the high-tech revolution. This new tool gives us a way to see what is really happening deep inside a cell.
Unprecedented 3-D images of live cells plus details of molecules inside


People make decisions on their ’gut’ rather than what they know. I always thought this was so.
People may know the best decision — and not make it

The so=called “Paleo Diet” has been popular, but based on misconceptions. There were many different diets. They found striking contrasts in food preferences and culinary practices between different groups.
Study sheds light on unique culinary traditions of prehistoric hunter-gatherers

Have you tried Zoom yet, say for a family or friends meeting?
Who’s Zooming who? How the coronavirus crisis is finally putting the ‘social’ into social media

The evolutionary pathway to language is far more ancient than anybody thought.
Origins of human language pathway in the brain at least 25 million years old


Social isolation has a special risk for us here at Lakeside.
Social isolation linked to higher risk of hospital admission for respiratory disease in older adults

This is big. Can OCD be cured with an antibody?
Research into obsessive-compulsive disorder shows antibodies could provide new treatment

Wow, a sweat-powered Fitbit!
Electronic skin fully powered by sweat can monitor health

So a brain change comes before the chronic back pain. Well, it’s all connected.
Changes to the nucleus accumbens linked to onset of chronic back pain

There is more going on with diabetes that we thought. Maybe this will open a new path for treatment?
Type 2 diabetes: Too much glucagon?

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