Self Knowledge Satsang – May 31, 2017: Dualities, Trinities and the One


Here is the satsang the we gave on May 31th.

Every week we offer satsang at our house here in the Ajijic area, by Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico. The focus is on teachings of nonduality that flow from Ramana Maharshi. We begin by reading a few verses from The Song of Ribhu. Then we listen to commentary on a verse in Ramana Maharshi’s key book, 40 Verses on Reality, followed by videos of several nondual teachers. This post has links to the ones we used this week.  All of these are available from YouTube.

Ramana Maharshi in Old Hall

Song of Ribhu

This classic work of Advaita Vedanta (nonduality) has ancient origins, probably dating from the period of the Upanisads. Sri Ramana Marharshi regularly recommended it to spiritual seekers.

Song of Ribhu Ch 1 V 64-67

Ribhu continues to tell of his own state.

Ramana Maharshi, Forty Verses on Reality, Verse 9

The duality of subject and object and trinity of seer, sight, and seen can exist only if supported by the One. If one turns inward in search of that One Reality they fall away. Those who see this are those who see Wisdom. They are never in doubt.

Devananda Sarasvati: Ulladu-Narpadu Verse 9: the Peak

Rupert Spira: The Mind’s Knowledge is Always in Duality

Mooji: Transcending Ego

Nome: Who am I? Only That which has no “I” notion

Silent Meditation

Notice that you exist. From where does this sense of “I” seem to rise?

Om, Shanti, shanti, shanti, Om. 

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