Self-Knowledge Satsang, October 1, 2016


From our weekly satsang at our home in Mexico, in the Ajijic area near Guadalajara. We watch several short nondual and Advaita Vedanta videos from a variety of sources, and finish off with something from our long-time teacher, Nome of Society of Abidance in Truth – SAT, in Santa Cruz, CA.


David Godman Part three.

Excerpt from Buddha at the Gas Pump Second Interview with David Godman. IN this segment David talks about Murganar, Lakshmana Swami and Vivekananda and destiny.

Other Nondual teachers

Rupert Spira: Borderless field of pure sensitivity.

Very worth the listen.

Nome: Egoless

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says that the egoless state is the real state, the only real state that there is. What is undesirable is bondage and consequent suffering. From what he has taught, we know that such bondage is illusory.  Listen to Nome and dive deep within to see illusions you think to be real. Inquire to see if they are real – do they come and go?

If you want, take a few minutes and inquire. Use the spiritual depth you may have gained from listening today to dive deep within yourself.

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