Satsang, August 28, 2016


We hold satsang weekly at our home in Mexico, in the Ajijic area near Guadalajara. We watch several short nondual and Advaita Vedanta videos from a variety of sources, and finish off with something from our long-time teacher, Nome of Society of Abidance in Truth – SAT, in Santa Cruz, CA.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi ◦ The Sage of Arunachala part 2

Historical video, with original film footage of the Enlightened sage Sri Ramana Maharishi, starting i the early 1900s.

Other Nondual teachers


Mooji talks about attachments, and how, when we get a taste of freedom, these attachments can become intolerable.


Nome: Of what are you certain?

Nome asks, “Of what are you certain?” This leads to a deep discourse of the deepest inner knowledge, self-existent, not dependent n anything else. Of what are you certain? Asking this leads to true knowledge.

If you want, take a few minutes and inquire. Use the spiritual depth you may have gained from listening today to dive deep within yourself.

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7 Responses to “Satsang, August 28, 2016”

  1. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    I understand richard and no problem.. But you have been sharing a treasure trove with us
    we are grateful

  2. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    I always wanted to meet you folks while in India and attend a satsangh or 2. Is there any chance that you will visit Tiru ?

    Blessed are those folks that attend your weekly Satsangh in Mexico

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I do not know if we will be able to go back. It is a big expense, and we are old people living on Social Security. Sorry.

  3. sathyan2008 Says:

    I really enjoyed this post Mr.Richard.Both the words of Mooji and guru Nome.Please keep posting.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Thank you, and I will. We hold these satsangs every week here in Mexico, and I make much use of videos, so this makes it easy to post here.

  4. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Amazing Nome! thanks Richard

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      So glad that you can listen and actually hear it. This kind of hearing is deep inside, not just width ears and mind.

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