Arunachala – Exploring West, North Side and East Side


There are many interesting places and areas on the west, north. and east sides of Arunachala, off the inner Path, to walk through and explore. I spent hundreds of hours over several years exploring and photographing Arunachala. I wrote a number of blog posts about this. Now that these areas are restricted, due to the Forest Department ban on walking the Inner Path, I want to make these posts readily available, so that people who love Arunachala can get a sense of what is there and what they are missing.Enjoy these. Maybe you can explore, too?

West Side

Arunachala’s Secret Places – Holy Feet


Secrets of Arunachala – Kattu Siva Cave


“Monkey Temple” – relic from Arunachala’s past


Secrets of Arunachala – Kattu Siva Meditation Perch


Secrets of Arunachala – Kattu Siva Inner Path Renewal – Part 1


Secrets of Arunachala – Kattu Siva Inner Path Renewal – Part 2


Footpaths of Arunachala – South of Kattu Siva Tank


More Footpaths of Arunachala


Flowers of Arunachala


Arunachala Forests–Kannapa Temple Area, Part One


Arunachala Forests–Kannapa Temple Area, Part Two


Flowers Blooming Near Arunachala’s Kattu Siva Tank



North Side

North side of Arunachala – Under the loving gaze of The Elephant


Repairing the Tanks of Arunachala


Exploring the north side of Arunachala


To the top of Arunachala’s Northside Promontory


Climbing on Arunachala’s north side


East Side

Exploring Mountain Trails Near Pachaiamman Koil on the East Side of Arunachala


From Pachaiamman Koil to Virupaksha Area of Arunachala


Exploring the route of the new Arunachala path


There is so much of Arunachala to explore, and to love. To me, it seems like a crime against humanity that this is no longer allowed. Maybe there is something that can be done, I don;t know.





4 Responses to “Arunachala – Exploring West, North Side and East Side”

  1. Nothing Says:

    Reblogged this on Nothing.

  2. Bro Dave Says:

    Thank you for passing on these pics. For one, I did not realize how dry and rocky it is there. It looks very similar to the mountain areas of New Mexico where I reside. When I picture S. India, I visualize LOTS of forested jungle. Such does not seem to be the case around Arunachala. Om Namah Sivaaya!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Like New Mexico, Arunachala is hot a dry most of the year. There are good rains in the winter that keep the area green and alive. The mountain was bare until the 1980s, when reforestation efforts started to kick in.

  3. Mira Prabhu Says:

    Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    For those of us passionately in love with the sacred hill Arunachala – and those of us who are beginning our affair with Ultimate Consciousness. Do you know that “Arunchala” signifies the perfection of existence-consciousness and bliss? Thank you for these beautiful images, Richard Clarke!

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