Sign the petition. This is urgent, More destruction is planned by the government immediately. People are protesting, too.

mira prabhu

Girivalam Road

If you love Arunachala, Ramana Maharshi, Tiruvannamalai, the earth, our cosmos, or simply love the beauty of ancient foliage, please sign the petition (link given below) and share this as widely as possible so we can stop the murder of our gorgeous trees.

Here’s the message I received from concerned folks:

The proposed widening of the Arunachala Girivalam / Pradakshina road by the Tiruvannamalai administration will lead to an irreplaceable loss of ancient trees, forest lands, sacred groves, and cause considerable damage to sacred tanks and temples. The farmers whose lands will be acquired for the project will also be severely affected. Any relocation or shift of this ancient walkway, will also be an incalculable loss of our historical and cultural heritage to present and future generations.

The project, which in some places involves re-routing of the road, will cause irreparable damage to the Sona-Giri sacred grove, the only intact…

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  1. Mira Prabhu Says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Richard – I just got the news that tomorrow morning at 7 am folks are gathering at the Bangalore Road fork/Girivalam Road to hold hands in order to protest the cutting of all these gorgeous old trees. Please, if anyone can make it there, please do – and share this with all your friends too. Om Arunachala!

  2. kalpa108 Says:

    If we want to show our love for Arunachala and our deep concern for the destruction that has been unleashed on it, tomorrow (July 1) 6.00 am is the time for it. At 7.00 am tomorrow, they plan to start bulldozing a big part of the Sonagiri Sacred Grove, the last original piece of forest with ancient trees and wildlife. Please join us for a Human Chain tomorrow morning at 6.00 to show that we deeply care. We will assemble on the Girivalam road, next to the Toilet Complex about 1 km from the Chengam Road junction. Thank you!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I know this grove very well, walked in it many times. I love meeting the troupe of macaques in the forest. Here they show their ancient life, with guards at the perimeter, females and young in the center and curious near-adults that climb a tree near you and look down and wonder what they are seeing. They are not at all like when you see them begging on girivalam road.

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