Ahimsa – The Antidote to Fear: Dr. Harsh K. Luthar



Bhagavan Sri Ramana used to say, “Ahimsa Param Dharma”. It means that Ahimsa (Nonviolence) is the Supreme Dharma (Duty or Principle). Sri Ramana pointed out to the devotees and yogis that in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa is named as the highest virtue above all other virtues. If we are able to understand what Ahimsa means at the deepest level, that clarity itself guides us in discovering the nature of the Self as our own Being.

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2 Responses to “Ahimsa – The Antidote to Fear: Dr. Harsh K. Luthar”

  1. Kaushalya B Narendra Jayasundera Says:

    Hello richard i am just about to go to annamalai . I would like to give food for the swamijis there by cooking myself just the way u & yr wife cooked n gave. How do i do it. You had said that a man named shive helped u do it. Is it possible to to give his phone number or put me in touch with him. I will be there from 5th till 9tth.
    Tnx kaushalya

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Rajan drove a rickshaw for the giving. He is at 9442415221, Tell him I ask that you call him.

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