Weekly Satsang: Free from thought


Here is our weekly satsang from Ajijic, Mexico. Our focus is on Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry meditation.

Each week I present a YouTube video about Ramana Maharshi or Self-inquiry, and then we listen to  satsang with Nome of the Society of Abidance in Truth. so …



Deeply Meditate.

First a video on Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry:

Ramana Maharshi – The Sage of Arunachala

Then a discourse and dialogs from Nome:

Free from thought



Now I suggest inquiry for you:

Notice that you exist.

Now ask yourself, “Who am I?” and investigate within yourself to see just where the “I” rises from within yourself.



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3 Responses to “Weekly Satsang: Free from thought”

  1. soshanta Says:

    Richard Namaste

    Have you heard from Rajan and his circumstances? Do you know how he is doing? He called me and told me he is in dire financial straights and I am wondering if you have heard from him. I look forward to your reply. Blessings, Richard

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Richard Clarke Says:

      II am pretty sure that what he ways is true. I had been giving support to him and his family for the 7 years that I was there. I could not continue the support when I moved to Mexico. A big issue for him is giving his 2 children a good education, and every extra rupee they have goes t this.

  2. Betty Camhi Says:

    dear Richard

    I just realized that I forgot to get back to you regarding your book which i successfully downloaded.

    Thank you so much.

    Also appreciate hearing about this new adventure in Mexico. You must miss india and the sweet village of Thiruv…..

    Trust all is going well with you and Carol.

    Merry Christ-mas!

    Sent from my iPad


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