Weekly Satsang: Being


Here is our weekly satsang from Ajijic, Mexico. Our focus is on Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry meditation.

Each week I present a YouTube video about Ramana Maharshi or Self-inquiry, and then we listen to  satsang with Nome of the Society of Abidance in Truth. so …



Deeply Meditate.

First a video on Self-inquiry:

Mooji: You are always your Self

“I am” is, even before the concept, “I.”

Then a discourse and dialogs from Nome:

Satsang – Being

Note: In the first dialog, the questioner had recently been hospitalized with heart problems, resulting in severe difficulty in breathing. Nome shows that while breath cannot always be relied on, and our Being is always,



Now I suggest inquiry for you:

Notice that you exist.

Now ask yourself, “Who am I?” and investigate within yourself to see just where the “I” rises from within yourself.



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  1. ashokanjana2000 Says:

    Hope your friends in Chennai are safe? Not affected by flood?
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