New Book “Who am I? with comments” free download


I have put up a free download of my new meditation book, “Who am I? with comments.” As an aid to your Self.inquiry I have made comments and practice suggestions for each paragraph of this important, first teaching of Ramana Maharshi. I an mot a sage, just another seeker. This is written as a seeker writing to other seekers. These are based on my 25 year’s practice of Self-inquiry and deep teachings of Nome of Society of Abidance in Truth.

Read, reflect and deeply meditate.

Download it here:


Here is an alternate download site:

It requires that you set up abn account with them Username and password only. 5 free downloads per month.

Ramana head small

13 Responses to “New Book “Who am I? with comments” free download”

  1. Sandy Veepooshanan Says:

    Having problem downloading the book. My email address is
    thank you.

  2. Gowri Ganesh Says:

    Sir,havin problem with download.
    My email id is .

  3. gaiainaction Says:

    Thank you Richard, I managed to download the book, and will post a review when I read it.

  4. subratvmalai Says:

    Thanks for the posts.Couldn’t download through the link.Kindly forward on my Email ID :

  5. louizia Says:

    I love Arunachala and have the sustaining memory of going there in 2010. I have been following your posts closer the past couple of weeks after sharing with my granddaughter about Lakshmi, the great devotee as told by David Godman. Then you wrote a post with David Godman the next day and I thought how nice to see something else from this man again so soon. Tonight I just finished watching the last video in your postings and now I see your book download on the question of Who AM I. Thank you so much.

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