Weekly Satsang: One Self


Here is our weekly satsang from Ajijic, Mexico. The focus is on Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry meditation.

Each week I present a video about Ramana Maharshi or Self-inquiry, and then we listen to  satsang with Nome of the Society of Abidance in Truth. so …



Deeply Meditate.

This week’s video is David Godman, talking abut how he found Ramana Maharshi and came to stay and live in Tiruvannamalai.

David Godman “How I discovered Ramana Maharshi “

Then a discourse and dialogs from Nome:

One Self

This satsang has extra noise from a ‘temple’ baby, a boy who has grown up coming to the SAT temple several times each week. He can be heard in the background.


Now I suggest inquiry:

Notice that you exist.

Now ask yourself, “Who am I?” and investigate within yourself to see just where the “I” rises from within yourself.


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One Response to “Weekly Satsang: One Self”

  1. louizia Says:

    I loved the interview with David Godman. Yesterday I happened on his video account of the beloved and wonderful disciple Lakshmi. When your notification came in the mail this AM I was happy to hear more from him. Thank you!

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