Update on Ribera del Pilar Houses


In my last post I wrote about local houses with high walls and razor wire atop the walls. Based on much reader feedback I think I understand these better, and want to update those readers not familiar with the area.

The history of this area is that it was a weekend playground for the rich in Guadalajara. They bought property and built houses, some of them quite grand. Since these houses are mostly unoccupied by the owners, they build high walls, with added barriers on the top of the walls, to discourage someone climbing over them.

Thus you get houses like the one shown below;


House with high fence and razor wire


There also were some home invasions several years ago. One reader said that if your home had been invaded by gunmen, you would put up razor wire (and anything you could think of the keep you safe).

So in the neighborhood we have three kinds of people: wealthy families from Guadalajara who use this place as a get-away from the city, working class Mexicans who live here, and Gringos, probably expat retirees like us.

Thanks to my readers who help me understand what’s really going on!


7 Responses to “Update on Ribera del Pilar Houses”

  1. plmg1963 Says:

    Love your posts ……….. Latha Pradeep

  2. Nadhia Lamancha Says:

    Before I unsubscribe, why do you continue to refer to Arunachala as the title of your blog when you’ve left Arunachala?

    • R Srinivas Says:

      Arunachala is universal, it’s a part of Richard Clarke, it will be always with him, until he is not there in this world, he is still seeing the world through the eyes of Arunachala!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Arunachala is not just in Tiruvannamalai. If He is in your heart, He is everywhere.

  3. marilynsandperl Says:

    Gunmen??? Did you say “gunmen?” Good grief!

  4. Michael Brooker Says:

    Hi Richard:

    Thank you for all your posts. I am glad you and Carol are enjoying Mexico.

    I don’t know if you remember me. I met you in Tiru and you invited me to satsang at your home in 2009.

    I am nearing retirement now and considering Tiru. Can you send me info on how to find a home there, the driver you used, and info about the town.

    Thanks and many blessings.


    Michael Brooker

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