Goodbye Arunachala


On my usual (and almost last) early morning walk with Arunachala today there were some tears. The tears are from love for Arunachala, and the life we have had in its embrace. When we love it is a time when the ego-wall breaks and expands to include someone (or something) else. The more that is included within one’s sense of self the more holy it is.

Arunachala over Sonagiri Lake

Arunachala over Sonagiri Lake

Two sadhus that I have known for a long time blessed me this morning, knowing that I am going. They blessed my children and grandchildren as well.

I have walked Arunachala maybe 2000 times since we came here. I will miss it deeply. Most of the time our two dogs have walked with me. (They will be well cared for after we leave, but I will surely miss them, too. They have been great Arunachala friends.)

Goodbye Arunachala. But how can it be goodbye when You are always in my heart?

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22 Responses to “Goodbye Arunachala”

  1. Gobichettipalayam Raguraman Says:

    u decide to leave Arunachala. oh, it is sad, but it is always in our heart. Thanks for ur posts and exppect more posts hereafter also

  2. Lalitha Ramesh Says:

    Dear Richard & Carol,

    You probably have no idea of the beautiful influence your blog posts have had on people like me. Transcending the distance, they brought the tranquil fragrance of Arunachala wafting into our hearts spreading indescribable feeling of joy . Each posting and each picture was a gem to be read / seen over and over again.

    I really have no words to express my gratitude. I am truly sad you are leaving TVMalai and I will miss the special link to Arunachala I had enjoyed through you .

    May Arunachala bless you both with a happy, healthy, joyful long fulfilling lives wherever you may be. You will continue to be an inspiration for many like me.

    Respectful Pranams and Love, Lalitha

  3. Neil Harvey Says:

    Richard & Carol

    I just wanted to thank the both of you for your blog which I have read and re-read many many times.

    We met once in 2010 at the Hotel Ashreya where we were staying and you had gone for dinner. Carol told us about the blog which I have followed ever since. I will certainly miss your reports on Tamil life.

    All the best to you both in Mexico and I hope you are happy there closer to your children.

    Neil Harvey

  4. Saskia Lockefeer Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol,
    This night I had a dream about your leaving, I woke up very sad. I feel very blessed that I have been able to read your blog for a long time. I Loved it. Luckily I just read in the comment that you will continue your blogin Mexico as well. I would love that.
    Anyway, may you and your family be blessed and thank you for all the inspiration you brought to me here in Holland.

  5. Delana Ann Schneider Says:

    Richard and Carol,
    It is hard to imagine you saying a farewell to this special place.
    Your journey continues….and more will be revealed as you continue to follow your hearts to new places. Mexico, I think will be just one of them. May the glow and blessings of Arunachala continue to guide and support you wherever you are.
    We hope to see you when you are in Santa Cruz!?
    Richard & Delana

  6. Shyam (@iSamSays) Says:

    God bless you both, I surely miss your blog updates around Arunachala… also feeling low.. that you are moving out of Tiru. by any chance will you come for short visit in future ?

  7. Layena Camhi Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol,

    Such a deep moment in time. Another profound death. Here’s to welcoming new life and the adventures that awaits.

    May you and your family continue to be blessed and well
    cared for.


  8. rmbowes Says:

    A profound sadness has overcome me. I am sorry that you are leaving Arunachala and the many friends that you have made, including your dogs; but I know that it is what you must do. Of course Arunachala will always be a part of you, so you are not really leaving it. I wish you the best.

    Michael Bowes

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Thank you, and all the others who have commented. I am touched by these. We have live in the grace of Arunachala. That grace is everywhere at all times. It is in Mexico too.

  9. usha21 Says:

    Feeling very sad sir. Bless you both wherever you are….

  10. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol 🙂 ))))))))))))))))))

    I thank you both for the service rendered through this blog.I have a strange feeling of sadness as I read this post which is equally coupled with a feeling of gratitude. The mention of “2 dogs” brought tears to my eyes and how considerate of you

    I might be just a onlooker or perhaps just a bystander whose spiritual experiences are literally void in the practical sense. But every-time I have read your blog posts (have stopped counting),this blog has gifted me with such tranquility and peace which defies even the most pragmatic reasoning of modern psychology and neurology. I know for sure and beyond all reasonable doubts that there is something beyond in these blog which conveys something that is unearthly and not so mundane ( I have tried to debunk my own reactions about this blog– But only failed).

    Nonetheless I have stopped analyzing and trying to build a bridge of reasoning between the metaphysical sublime and the empirical mundane world. But I know for sure after reading this blogs for several years ,something precious exists in all it’s utter simplicity.

    I hope the farewell party was fun. Hope to hear from you folks even from mexico.

    Wishing you love, luck and happiness and peace

    Thank you both,

  11. mysticresearcher Says:

    Adiós Richard 🙂

  12. Krishna Ravi Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol
    It is very difficult to imagine that you are leaving Arunanchala and definetly we all will miss your posts.We are very grateful to you to bring the Ramanashrama into our hearts and minds.We must be in touch no matter wherever you are . God Bless you always . Many thanks and wishing you all the best.

    Krishna ravi

  13. R Srinivas Says:

    Bye! Mr Richards, we have met a couple of times and spent interesting moments at Ramana ashram and on the street in front of Sri Ragavendra mutt, wish you and carol good health and peace!. The world has shrunk due to net age and I look forward to your articles on new subjects!

  14. marilynsandperl Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol,
    I am shedding tears reading this. My heart feels a bit broken. Thank you for bringing us all to Arunachala. It is a very holy love you have for Arunachala, and that is why it has been such a joy. Sol and I send our best wishes for your new life. We eagerly await your posts from there.

  15. ANA RAMANA Says:

    Dear Richard, you will be missed. For those of us not living at Holy Mountain, your posts have brought it closer. Thank you so much for the bountiful gift of your heart and words. Wishing you a wondrous new chapter in your life.

    Ana Ramana

  16. Selvaraj V Maruthai Muthuraja Says:

    Dearest Richard & Carol,
    Blessed be your journey and you are both taking away Arunachala ever enshrined in your heart. Everywhere is only here.

    Thank you for your great sharing and bringing us back again and
    again to Arunachala with your posts. Joy, joy, jothi joy.

    Love you all.
    Selvaraj M

  17. Rajalakshmi Velu Says:

    Loving you and Carol so much….

  18. Sathyanarayanan D Says:

    Will your new blog be richardmexico or will it remain the same ?

  19. Munka M Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol, although we have never met you remain in my heart, so very grateful for your wonderful reports and insights from Tiru, when next I walk the sacred mountain you will both walk with me.

    Best and Blessings to both of you.

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