Richard and Carol’s Going Away Party


We are moving soon to Mexico, to Chapala (next to Mexico’s biggest lake), near Guadalajara. We have never been there, so are moving half-way around the world sight unseen. But it almost like we have been guided there. Arunachala in action? We are taking another leap of faith.

Here’s a map.

ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 05 19.19

Chapala is a short flight from our kids in California. (You can see California in the upper left of this map.) We think in the next phase of life it will be good to be closer to kids and grandchildren. This is a 4-hour flight, instead of the 24-hour flight from India.

Here is a picture of this area. It’s not our photo, (since we actually have never been there before!) but from the Internet, from .


Chapala is about one mile in altitude, so much cooler than Tiruvannamalai. Much of the year a typical high is 26 C (or 79 F). The town is near a big expat community (Ajijic) so there will be many North Americans nearby. Chapala, though, is still a Mexican town, not an expat community.

Let’s have a Party!

We are going to have a party before we leave. Everyone is invited.

Party details

Thursday 12 March 2015 6 PM to 9 PM. at Sathya’s Café on Perumbakkam Road.

Veg and Non-veg food, pizza and drinks.

This will be our last chance to get together before we leave for our new home in Mexico.

You are all invited. If you are going to come, please comment below or send an email to Let us know how many people in your group, so we can plan food and drink.


12 Responses to “Richard and Carol’s Going Away Party”

  1. Gopal Krish Says:

    Dear Richard & Carol. I am from Gujarat, we met last time in February just outside the Ramana Ashram. Prior to that we had brief chat at ‘chai’ at Ramana Ashram. With your guidance, I have been able to purchase a small piece of Land at Tiru and aim to spend the winter months over there with my parents going forward. I am avid reader of your blog and will miss you very much. I assume, you will still make visit to Tiru once in a while. My best wishes for good health and prosperity. Please continue to keep this blog alive where ever you are, while many of us might never be able to visit the places you and Carol travel, we truly rejoice reading the contents as your style of writing backed up with images, is truly refreshing and provide near ‘live experiences’. Thank You so much! Regards. Krish.

  2. G G Arumugam Govindraj Says:

    Thank you so much for all the guide and tips that you gave us, Sir. My Lord Shiva’s blessings be with you and your family all the time.

  3. Gina George Says:

    Dear Richard and Carol, …and I was thinking of going to Tiru to die there in about 10 or so years! In any case, true wisdom states that the Self is everywhere, so dying here is just as good as anywhere! I wish you both the very best!! That picture looks just like Arunachala!

  4. Rajalakshmi Velu Says:

    Mr.Richard and carol I always wanted to meet you in Thiruvanamalai but could not … But always loved to read you blog.. yearning for the next …I know it is great to be near children.. but we are very possessive of you….we need your blessings and guidance as usual always….me an avid reader of your blog feeling so sad about you settling away from us…I know your friends around especially sathya café mates would miss you a lot. Pls do keep visiting us as often you can…My love to carol

  5. Arun Kumar Says:

    it is very sad , but your blog must continue even whenever you are here or there….

  6. Layena Camhi Says:

    My friend used to go to Ajijic and loved it. Great adventure. All blessings.

  7. tskraghu Says:

    Though we haven’t met at all, it is with sadness i read about u moving away. But then here’s wishing you well in the new place.

  8. Inger Trollfjärden Says:

    Sorry to have you leave. But I understand what you said about children and grandchildren.
    I´m american but have children and 3 grandsons in Sweden as my wife is Swedish. I live in the south of France just to be close to them and spend winters in India and se asia.
    I have LOVED your work and posts and will miss them greatly.
    However as Tolkin said- roads go ever ever onwards.
    Live long in awarness and prosper.
    govind marifa
    using my wife´s facebook

  9. marilynsandperl Says:

    I am reading this post with great excitement but also great sadness. There will be a hole in Tiru after you both leave, and your absence will be sorely felt. Sol and I wish we could attend your goodbye party. We wish you both much happiness in your new adventure.

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