E-Visas for India Coming Soon, Visas on Arrival Now


India is trying to make things a bit easier for visitors from around 30 countries. Soon (by end of November 2014) you will be able to use their new E-visa process.

Quoting from a Times of India article:

NEW DELHI: Government’s gift to tourists — electronic visa — is likely to be launched by October-end. There are about 30 countries including the US, Japan and South Korea where the facility will be extended first while Germany, Israel and Russia are under consideration.

Sources said countries already being given visa-on-arrival including New Zealand, Luxembourg, Finland and Singapore besides Japan, South Korea and the US will be able to apply for electronic travel authorization (ETA) or e-visa. There are at least a couple of countries from the African continent that are also in consideration. Sources said Germany, Israel and Russia were also being actively considered.

The electronic travel authorization (ETA), or E-visa, will be for a short trip, limited to 30 days. You should receive an online confirmation within three to five working days. I don’t have a link yet for the application. They are planned to start by November 27, 2014.

The 30-day visit limit is also the case for the visa-on-arrival (VoA) as well. For more information on VoA, go to this link: http://www.immihelp.com/nri/indiavisa/tourist-visa-on-arrival.html.

Below is a list of present VoA Countries (Note: The government is also likely to extend Visa on Arrival facility to Spain, Italy and France by early next year. Recently, the facility has been extended to US, Australia and Fiji, in addition to the list below.)

  • Cambodia
  • Finland
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Luxembourg
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam

This is applicable at the following airports:

  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Kochi
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Thiruvananthapuram

In addition an on-line application process for the 180-day Tourist visa has been added. Here is the Web link for the Tourist visa application: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ .


11 Responses to “E-Visas for India Coming Soon, Visas on Arrival Now”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    Further to the discussion on online application for tourist visa…

    I have just now negotiated the online form, successfully uploaded both passport photo and scan of passport photo page, along with making credit card payment. It all went surprsiningly smoothly so now it’s just a matter of waiting for confirmation of the visa within 72 hours.

    It is a relatively easy system to use, just some of the questions they ask are a bit difficult, even impossible, to answer and you absolutely have to type some sort of text into the boxes or you cannot continue.

    Hopefully the visa will be granted without issue and that will be that.

    • marilynsandperl Says:

      Good luck, cspacenz! Let us know how you fare. If all works out, can you share what the difficult questions were and how you answered them so that we don’t get stuck on them?

    • cspacenz Says:

      Online application was confirmed within 12 hours with no problems whatsoever, very impressive.

      I can’t remember the questions exactly but whatever answers I filled in the blanks with were obviously not an issue.

  2. cspacenz Says:

    As a NZer we have had the visa-on-arrival available to us for maybe a couple of years now, though I haven’t used it yet myself. I’m not sure exactly what is meant by ‘E-visa’ but we can apply for the visa online, which I did two years ago prior to my last visit. Whilst it is a bit easier to type online, as opposed to printing off and hand-writing the form, I still had to send a package to the embassy here containing passport, photos and bank cheque, along with a self adressed, stamped courier envelope, all of which is quite time consuming. All this is considerably more expensive that the on-arrival system too.

    Still, as I prepare another trip for the new year I will still probably apply for the visa here before I go and go through all this business because the last thing I could be bothered doing after traveling for 24 hours to get to Chennai is waiting in a queue and being mucked around at the airport, especially when there is also a 3 or 4 hour drive down to Tiru to look forward to.

    Does anyone have experience of the visa-on-arrival at Chennai Airport ? Is it easy and not too time consuming (somehow I don’t know why I am even asking this, but I could be wrong !!)

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      The e=visa., then say, will be issued within 4 days of application so you do not need the painful VoA process. So a 30 day visa that is painless.

    • cspacenz Says:

      If anyone is interested here is a few differing views on the Tourist Visa On Arrival system….

      “We are NZers and are ‘lucky’ enough to be one of the 5 countries that no longer needs to apply for a visa before going to India. I figured that it would be like other airports where you get to Immigration, they stamp your passport and let you through. I can tell you that it is not.

      We completed the arrival form except for the visa details (which we did not need) and went to Immigration. He took us over to an Interview area where we had to each complete a visa application form, be interviewed about why we were in Mumbai, why we weren’t travelling elsewhere etc, and he then asked for a passport photo which we did not have. He went away for about 1/2 hour to process the visa. He called us over to a room where his boss and other people who had not got through Immigration were. We sat again for a while, had a cup of chai, ledger books were pulled out, everything was in triplicate, we eventually were told our visa would be processed. Payment was US$60 each and they need exact change so that was a trip down to the money exchange. More waiting around. Copies of passports were taken. Eventually, 1.5 hours later, we got our visa. Now our luggage was missing. We found the lost property who would not release it without the airline staff’s approval. We were starting to get upset now. We now had staff helping us who found the airline staff but who needed to find the correct people who were perhaps on a different floor, they would find them. 15 minutes later staff came down saying they had been looking for us, put announcements across, and when we hadn’t turned up they had locked our luggage away. They asked us a few times why we had been delayed. It took more time to go back to lost luggage where they eventually let us have it. Our hotel driver, meantime, had waited for us for hours, he was the best thing that had happened all day.

      It is possible to get your visa on arrival, but I will never do it again.”

      In response…..

      “No one likes to wait, and you too hated it. Nothing wrong.

      But, in my understanding you waited for longer than usual just because you didn’t have photo and exact change. Should you blame the Indian Immigration for this? They even offered ‘chai’ to you.

      I too have availed visit visa at Dubai and Bangkok on many occasions. Before travelling, I make sure I have everything needed for visa application with extra copies. It helps everyone.

      As you got delayed inside, the lost property kept your luggage safely and didn’t release until the airline staff came. Shouldn’t you appreciate them for this? What if someone else had claimed your luggage?

      I still feel, getting a visa on arrival is a better idea than making trips to the embassy/agency provided you are prepared for it.

      Let’s not blame Indian authorities for traveler’s unpreparedness.”


      “I hear what you’re saying about the photos, I usually carry some with me so that I can, for instance, sign a contract with a mobile phone company but I’m also agreeing with Igirl that it doesn’t stipulate the requirements for such photos anywhere on the information that the embassy has given out, nor anything about having the exact change.

      The other point I’d like to make is that in our country passports are returned within 3 days with visas on them – it is no hassle at all, so in our case it isn’t a better idea….”

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      The soon to be in place INdian Evisa system should make all of this much easier. Apply online for a 30 day visa, get it by email within a week. This is going to start for those from aboujt 40 countries in about one week, by the end of November 2014.

    • cspacenz Says:

      Ok well it’ll be interesting to see if it’s any different to what’s been available here in NZ the last couple of years. We do indeed apply online but are still required to send in passport etc, I don’t see any way around that. I could be wrong. I guess we will know in the next week, I’ll let you know if anything changes.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      India has had an oline way of applying for visas for a while. That is what you have experience with. A new system is coming. I do not know the details, having just read news reports. It is not yet documented on Indian immigaration web sites. I don’t think you will have to send your passport in.

    • cspacenz Says:

      Ok well that would be fantastic. May be similar to how we get a new passport here in NZ now. I just did that a few months ago and was all done online. You upload photos and everything, pay some funds via credit card and very quickly you get a parcel in the post with your new passport. I will hang fire on my India visa application till December then.

  3. marilynsandperl Says:


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