Rites of Passage: Samskaras


Here is a wonderful Rites of Passage ceremony for two friends from SAT, in Santa Cruz, CA.

Salutations to Sri Ramana Maharshi

Om Namah Sivaya

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

On October 19, 2014, devotees held a small ceremony for Scott and Prema and their unborn child who is due to arrive in December.

baby 06

baby 05

The necessary implements are procured and an altar is made by Ganesh and Dhanya. The ceremony is given by Ganesh. First, Scott and Prema are moved to the proper position…he is on the right and she is on the left.

baby 02

This form of samskara is typically done after the seventh month of pregnancy when the child in the womb is believed to have developed hearing capacity. At this point the child should be hearing sattvic sounds in the form of discourses and chants from holy texts, sacred stories and songs, all of which should be recited in a holy, peaceful and joyful atmosphere.

The event begins with a traditional sixteen step gaṇeśa pūja for this auspicious occasion to…

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3 Responses to “Rites of Passage: Samskaras”

  1. ghariharan Says:

    Did they have the heart to cut up the tiny and cute Krishna and eat him? How gross!!

  2. Steve Jobe Says:

    Seeing this gives me hope and inspiration.

  3. marilynsandperl Says:

    Very touching and wonderful to see. Thanks for posting.

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