Internet Petition to complete NH66 to Tiruvannamalai


Here is an email I got from Madhu. Please sign the petition and forward to others. 

Here below is the petition from one of the devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Mr. Shekar Ramamurthy requesting the government to finish the road between Krishnagiri and Tindivinam, which is in a bad and dangerous state.

This petition can also be signed by westerners visiting/residing here. This road is used by every one who comes to Tiruvannamalai whether it is from Chennai / Bangalore / Pondicherry . Involvement of westerners will send a strong signal to the central government that this place is an important pilgrim and spiritual centre for people from all over the world. Also, present government is quite serious about giving good image to the world that they are committed to a positive change. So, participation of westerners’ will draw serious attention from the government on this issue.

If some one can help us to bring this petition to the notice of devotees coming here on full moon days, it will be a great help.

Please help in whichever way you can to reach the required number (10000).
Madhurananda (Madhu)
The original email and link to petition:
I have created an online petition to Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Honorable Minister for Road transport and Highways, for Completion of the 2-laning work on NH66 between Krishnagiri and Tindivanam and need your help to get it off the ground.
Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:
Here’s why it’s important:
The 170Km stretch of NH66 between Krishnagiri and Tindivanam is the direct connecting route for people going between Bangalore and Tiruvannamalai or  Pondicherry. It is used daily by thousands of people, from the villages along the route and for inter-state travel. The road condition has been very bad for several years. The road widening project, for making it a 2 lane highway started 2 years back. According to the May report of NHAI, the 2-laning contract has been awarded to Transstroy India and the project is expected to complete by Sept 2014. Many trees lining the road have been felled, but the work is nowhere near completion and in the last few months there is no sign of any work taking place on this highway. The road condition is so bad with huge pot holes that even the government transport buses use an alternate road whereever possible, like Krishnagiri-Vellore-Polur. Most of the traffic tries to use alternate routes which increase the travel distance by 40-50Kms, making the travel time longer and results in wastage fuel. The government needs to prioritize this project and get it completed quickly.
You can sign my petition by clicking here. Please forward this to others who may be willing to sign the petition.
Shekar Ramamurthy
Note from Richard: My wife Carol was on the route from Krishnagiri to Tiruvannamalai this week. She reports slowdowns for work on about 1/2 the distance, and that the work has not even started on the other half.

I still recommending using the alternate route, even though it is longer. It is faster, and less aggravation.

6 Responses to “Internet Petition to complete NH66 to Tiruvannamalai”

  1. kalpa108 Says:

    Yes the Chetpet route is definitely better than the usual main route to Chennai.
    For completion I tried out the so-called by-pass from Vettavalam road to Chengam road, but none of this is paved. This entire length is a wide swathe of lost farm and grazing land, dusty dirt the whole way, which will need to be reworked now before any tarmac could be laid. Beyond Perumbakkam road it slowly disappears, well before reaching Chengam road, where it was supposed to re-join the road to Krishnagiri. So it appears that the traffic passing the ashram will not evaporate any time soon.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Yes, the Tiruvannamalai by=pass is not getting much progress, and it is SUCH a big need for full moon nights. It is almost impossible to get from the east end of town to the west side during full moon. It does not seem that the state government is giving this much priority and attention.

  2. agoyvaerts Says:

    Done, good cause Richard. Safety above all else on the roads.

  3. kalpa108 Says:

    While this is a good cause, most roads in and around Tiruvannamalai are in an atrocious condition, and have been for a long time now. New ‘houses’ continuously go up but no connecting roads are ever built, just left with rutted dust farm tracks connecting them! And then there’s the 12 years and counting by-pass! This has now become a glorious short cut and rutted dust bowl for local users over most of its length, which will have to be re-laid before a tarmac top can even be put on, if ever!

    • kalpa108 Says:

      I rode the bypass last night, from Vettavalam road to Chennai/Pondi road. 90% is not tarmac – rutted and very dusty with buses and trucks trying to use it beside walkers, ox carts etc. Houses are springing up along the route. It has become a new unofficial road, left in a dangerous mess.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I have tried the route from Tiruvannamalai to Chennai that goes through Chetpet, and found it to be OK and interesting.

      I guess part of the story is that during this LONG period while NH 66 is under construction, traffic naturally diverts to alternate routes. After two years of this, these road deteriorate, not being built for the traffic they now receive. Thanks for the warning on Vettavalam Road, I wonder if it is still better the NH 66 from Krishnagiri to Tiruvannamalai. Can anybody tell us?

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