Giving Bedding to Sadhus


There are many acts of charity each day around Arunachala. One part of life here is the hundreds of sadhus who gather and live around the holy mountain, Arunachala. They have no possessions (or few), and live from what they are given. Most are men, and most of these are old men. They live on the street near various shrines and temples, and around Arunachala on Pradakshina Road. Some live in sheltered places, unused temples and buildings, for example.

With a donation from a Western friend, we were able to help a few of these sadhus recently. We know of some that live in sheltered places, sleeping on the hard ground. Our friend wanted them to have more comfort and wanted to get them bedding. With the help of Dhakshinmoorthy of Quality of Life Trust (and who runs Sathya’s Café), we bought bedding and were now ready to pass it out.

We brought the sadhus away from the place they stay. We don’t have bedding for everyone, so Dhakshinamoorthy thought it is best to do it away from the others. He brought them here by rickshaw.

Here are the sadhus. There were eight sadhus who would receive bedding today.

DSC07679 - Copy

DSC07680 - Copy

DSC07682 - Copy

Here is a pile of the gifts to be given. The sadhus are getting a soft pad for sleeping, a pillow, a blanket and a shirt.


Here is Dhakshinamoorthy standing by the pile. He is always so happy when we can do something to help old people and sadhus.


I start handing out bedding to the sadhus.


A village friend, Muniappan, helps.


It is a big pile of stuff.


Standing waiting for their turns.


If they were going to be “wandering” sadhus, they would not be able to carry all this stuff. But since they live in a specific place, it is OK.

As I give out the stuff, I also get to look into the eyes of each of them. Then we share “Om Namah Sivaya.”


I think he is happy to have the bedding.


Some of the sadhus seem quite old.

DSC07685 - Copy

We load him up.


He is the last sadhu for today.


Here are some of the sadhus with their piles of bedding.

Maybe tonight they will get a good night’s sleep. I hope this is better for their old bodies.

Living in Tiruvannamalai we frequently see these acts of charity. Seva, “selfless service,” or “work performed without any thought of reward or repayment” is a high ideal. Many people do seva here, gaining punya, “spiritual merit.” For me, just being involved in acts of giving is nourishing in some deep way.

Here is a Zen koan about this:

The Giver Should Be Thankful

While Seisetsu was the master of Engaku in Kamakura he required larger quarters, since those in which he was teaching were overcrowded. Umezu Seibei, a merchant of Edo, decided to donate five hundred pieces of gold called ryo toward the construction of a more commodious school. This money he brought to the teacher.

Seisetsu said: “All right. I will take it.”

Umezu gave Seisetsu the sack of gold, but he was dissatisfied with the attitude of the teacher. One might live a whole year on three ryo, and the merchant had not even been thanked for five hundred.

“In that sack are five hundred ryo,” hinted Umezu.

“You told me that before,” replied Seisetsu.

“Even if I am a wealthy merchant, five hundred ryo is a lot of money,” said Umezu.

“Do you want me to thank you for it?” asked Seisetsu.

“You ought to,” replied Uzemu.

Why should I?” inquired Seisetsu. “The giver should be thankful.”

(quoted from


5 Responses to “Giving Bedding to Sadhus”

  1. S. Arunachalananda (@Arunachalananda) Says:

    2 Years ago I brought some medicine ( bandages, medical honey ao.). I know the troubles of old or handicaped people becauce I`m a handicaped traveler who spends every year about 4 month at holy Arunachala. Maybe you have seen me already. I`m sitting sometimes in a corner close to the Samadhi of Sri Ramana and for girivalam I use a special bicycle attached to the wheelchair. Last time in Thiru I was told that the Sadhus dont have a toilett and they have to to it somewho outside. Is there still need and how would it worke to build a toilette because the sadhus live on goverment property? I dont promise anything but if it works together with my finances I would be blessed to help. The hyginic situation may need something to do about.

  2. ghariharan Says:

    I have had occasion to meet Sri Dakshinamurthy and his son, Babuji. They took me to the old age shelter where they have housed about fifteen sadhus, and were feeding them everyday regularly. They were also serving some sick and disabled sadhus at another place. I asked them about their financial commitment to this cause. They told me that they need Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 monthly, and this money is pooled by five or six committed friends. They do have a bank account under the name Quality of Life Trust, but they rarely even check the balance therein.

    I have no words to describe these people. They are not just karma yogis, but an example of Sthirapragyas as mentioned in Bhagavad Githa, Chapter 2. It is a previlege to know and interact with such people. Gives one a great faith in seemingly ordinary people, who are doing extraordinary deeds everyday without any expectation of any reward or publicity.

    Thanks to Richard for shedding light on such graceful munificense among the not-so-wealthy Indians.

  3. marilynsandperl Says:

    What a lovely thing to do!

  4. Teresa Ann Says:

    Yes Richard this is great news. So happy to read this article. I would like to donate something also the next time you come back to the U.S.A. At the moment it is not possible but 6 month’s from now i hopefully find myself in better circumstances.

  5. rk38526 Says:

    i wish u long live senior

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