Advaita Vedanta Satsang at SAT in Santa Cruz


When we go back to the USA we always try to get as much “satsang time” with Nome of SAT ( as we can. It was Nome’s teaching of Ramana Maharshi and Self-inquiry that brought us to India and Arunachala. Even though we listen to Nome satsang recordings on most days in India, the chance to be with him, absorbed in the teaching, is not one that we would miss. We have heard many spiritual teachers presenting their versions of Ramana’s teaching. Nome has always been the clearest, deepest and least compromising; profound in its depths and poetic in expression. We have found no living teacher of greater depth.

Entering the SAT temple, we see that much progress has been made on the new Mandiram. The murtis of Nandi, Ganesha and Murugan face the door, the Siva Lingam in the center of the space.  Looks pretty Hindu now when you enter the temple.


Upstairs, on the way to the satsang hall, is a Ramana Maharshi shrine. It is always nicely decorated with flowers, expressing the love of Ramana Maharshi.


Inside the satsang hall is a row of four more murtis, all decorated for satsang: Dakshinamurthy, on the right, always silent.


Siva Nataraja, dancing and yet perfectly still in the midst of total change.


The Lingodbhava, showing Siva’s endless light.


Finally Ardhanārīśvara, showing the unity of the apparently dual (male and female), with a lingam in front representing the limitless Consciousness of Siva.


A picture of Ramana, topped with flowers, is in the center of the hall. Ramana resides over today’s satsang.


Nome sits for satsang.


Nome offers instruction. We listen, reflect and meditate along with him. Here is a link to a Satsang Audio for a discourse: “What Knows?”

If you can, I would suggest taking satsang with Nome. It is a special experience of nonduality. If you are interested in Self-inquiry, I know of no better living teacher.

Here is a link to the SAT Calendar. Here is Contact information and a link to Directions.

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2 Responses to “Advaita Vedanta Satsang at SAT in Santa Cruz”

  1. Srinivas Ranganath Says:

    Nice going through your mails from US, i am now working at Dharmastala , about 7 hours from b’lore and 14 hrs from Tiruvannamalai, I took the opportunity of visiting Tiruvannamalali last week,did girivalam , met Karunakaran at his place, but missed you very much at Ramanaashram!. When are you back?

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