Arunachala Sadhu Posts


One special part of living with Arunachala is all the sadhus who are attracted to this holy hill.

Here is a sadhu receiving food.


We have enjoyed their presence here from the first time we visited Tiruvannamalai, and I have written a number of posts about them. This page gives you an easy way to view these posts.


Sadhus on the road sometimes seem like they are just waiting for food, for alms, for the day to pass. I have walked many times in the forests that surround Arunachala, and often have seen these same sadhus meditating. This section shows articles that feature local sadhus.


Sadhus of Arunachala 

Sadhus of Arunachala: A Pictorial 

Sadhu Feeding (Annandanam)

We have been involved with many sadhu feedings over the years. Articles have been written about a few of these, and are shown here.

Below, Carol giving food at our first ever sadhu feeding, done for her birthday in 2008.


Sadhu Ananadanam on Arunachala Pradakshina Road 2014

Sadhu Feeding in the Morning 2013
Sadhu Feast on Arunachala Pradakshina Road 2013
Narayana Seva – Poor Feeding at Ramanasramam 2013
Sadhu feeding on Pradakshina Road 2012
Sadhu Feeding on Arunachala’s Pradakshina Road 2011
Special Puja for Dancing Swami of Arunachala 2010
Sadhu Feeding on Arunachala’s Girivalam Road 2010
Feeding Sadhus on Girivalam Road 2009
Sadhu Feeding for Carol’s Birthday 2008

Old and Disabled Sadhus

Many sadhus are old, some very old and needing care. Some are blind or otherwise disabled. Some people make efforts to help. These posts shows some of this.


Beds for Aged and Disabled Sadhus near Arunachala 

New Home Built for Disabled Sadhus of Arunachala 

Help for Disabled and Aged Sadhus near Arunachala 

If you support this work, donations would be appreciated. Click this link:

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2 Responses to “Arunachala Sadhu Posts”

  1. Hari Menghe' Dickorbob Says:

    Hello Richard,

    We met briefly upstairs at Tasty Cafe in the first week of March, 2011. You were there with some visiting friends and I was just at the end of a month in Thiruvannamalai, about to return to Switzerland and then Canada with my wife.

    I wonder, how much would be the cost in rupees to sponsor such a breakfast as you offer to the sadhus along the pradakshina road; say, once a month?

    Om namo narayana,


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