Annual Art Show at Rani’s Garden, Tiruvannamalai


Each year there is a one-day art show here in Tiruvannamalai. It is usually held at Rani’s Garden on Perumbakkam Road after Pongal. This year it was on 2 Feb., 2014. It usually is a pleasant day for those who attend or show their art. This is a nice community event. I think that anyone who wants to show can, although I am not sure of this.

Here is the entrance to Rani’s Garden. For a couple of years the Om Café (now closed) operated from here.

A number of motorbikes are parked outside.


Inside, the exhibits are spread out within the shaded garden.

Carol is looking a photos.



Some, like this temple reflected in the still water, capture her eye.


A local Western resident, Vimala, shows her handworks.


She sits in the midst of them.


In the center of the area, a musician plays.


Paintings hang from ropes. The one below is by Aaron Krumins.


More of Vimala’s needlework.


There are a couple of cement tables, covered with small pieces.


Patricia has her unique cards spread out on one of the tables.


One man has books to sell.


Another offers nicely crafted wooden musical instruments.


My favorite of this show were these standing figures.



If you look closely you will see that they are made from materials fallen from local trees that have been collected, assembled together and gaily painted.

I guess in the center below is Krishna, with a blue face playing a flute.


Here is the artist of the “Found Art” figures, Christian, an “Old timer” here. 


I asked him about the “skirts” on these figures. He said they are from the coconut palm, I think from the fruiting plant.


The “headdress” on the left is made from the leaf of a Palmyra Palm (also known as Sugar Palm and Toddy Palm).


Veena sits by some of her paintings. Arunachala is a frequent subject of her work.


On one side there are many items spread out…


…and hanging from wires, like this classic painting of Arunachala, reflected in the water.


They occupy one of the cement tables, with small prints.


And a small painterly book of poems, entitled “Silence.” 


Many pieces, spread around.


I think I saw this Buddha painting show at the recent Marudam Farm School fair (see this post).


More small pieces.


I like this Kingfisher. It is a watercolor, I think.


These are the artists of the paintings shown in the four photos immediately above. I am surprised to see that they are all local Indian people. The main artist, in the brown shirt, is Ashok Kumar.


The music is getting nice. A flutist has joined in.


This is Aaron again, with some of his paintings shown behind him.


Another pleasant time in Tiruvannamalai. Mainly we see residents at the show, few of the temporary visitors. Community events like this are great; we need venues where we can meet, get to know each other better and enjoy one another’s company. Thank you to organizers of this show!


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8 Responses to “Annual Art Show at Rani’s Garden, Tiruvannamalai”

  1. marilynsandperl Says:

    What a nice event. Thanks for showcasing this. I wish them well. (The life of an artist has never been easy.)

  2. Selvaraj V Maruthai Muthuraja Says:

    Thank you Richard. An “Arunchala Crafts ” store in “ebay” would also be an option. The reach would be wider. Best Wishes

  3. Selvaraj V Maruthai Muthuraja Says:

    Great post Richard and thank you. If a website can be created
    to showcase and sell this very creative work online, it could give
    people like us a chance to enjoy the work as well buy them. It helps the artists along as well.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      One can be set up, maybe, using wordpress, like I do. And, until you start tow use a LOT of space, it is free.

  4. R Srinivas Says:

    wonderful going through the post of art show,so much of talent amongst the local and the westerners in tiruvannamalai and thank you for bringing them out through your blog.

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