Butterflies and Babblers


As I walked along the edges of Arunachala’s forest this morning, after a while I sat. Early rays of sunlight brightened the clearing, and I noticed half a dozen orange butterflies on one side and several grey Jungle Babblers hopping in a bush on the other.

(I did not have my camera. Here is an image I downloaded)


This reminded me of a Chinese Taoist story by the famous Chuang Tzu, A Butterfly’s Dream.

Freely taken from that story:

A man sits in a clearing in a forest. It is so peaceful. He relaxes and dozes off. In his sleep he dreams …

In his dream he is a butterfly. He is confused for a moment, until all the other butterflies greet him. It is glorious! He flits and flies and plays. He flirts with all the girls. It is so wonderful.


Then he wakes up, happy from the dream, and wonders, “Maybe I am just a butterfly’s dream?”


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2 Responses to “Butterflies and Babblers”

  1. Ronald Faraldo Says:

    butterflies dream;butterfly;you; me;our dreams; they;all. thank God.

  2. Sathyan S Says:

    Beautiful Tao story

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