Nilgiri’s Opens in Tiruvannamalai


Tiruvannamalai now has a new quality supermarket, Nilgiri’s. It opened on 14 November, bringing its high class offerings to this small city. Nilgiri’s offers products that are more of interest to Westerners than some other such stores, and should do well in its new location, across the street from the guest rooms of Ramana Ashram,  below that new Aakash Hotel. (I wrote about the Aakash opening in this post.)

Here is a notice from the local daily paper.


A new sign is on the street, and today, balloons grace the entrance.


I will enter though the balloons.


First we are greeted by a sweets counter.


And a big sign.


Walk down the stairs to enter.


Nice and clean. Well laid out. Wrapped produce near the entrance. Neatly shelved goods in the store. Freezers for ice cream, and veg and non-veg items. All this is so nice to see in Tiruvannamalai!


Two checkout stands complete the layout.


The owners want to know what people want to be able to buy, and will try to carry more items in their stock. So if there is something you want, let them know.

Tiruvannamalai continues to show signs of growth, attracting quality and successful stores and places to eat. All this makes it easier for a Westerner living in India.

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One Response to “Nilgiri’s Opens in Tiruvannamalai”

  1. drsundaram Says:

    good mr richard .you are carrying all new things and old as well for the benefit of all members of this beautiful forum. a well deserving service .om namo bhagavathe sri ramanaya

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