Travel to Rajasthan


We will go on another adventure, this time to Rajasthan for several weeks. We will take lots of pictures and, I am sure, have some greats posts of this trip!


We will be back mid November.

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7 Responses to “Travel to Rajasthan”

  1. ghariharan Says:

    Rajasthan is really great, esp. Jaisalmer. The desert safari is a must. Also, the camel fair. Pushkar is another popular spot. I love Jodhpur, don’t know why. Have a wonderful time in Rajasthan, Richard and Carol!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Have been to Jaisalmer, it is great. Rode camels into the sunset. In Udaipur now, love it.

  2. Neil Harvey Says:

    Hi Richard
    I love Rajashthan and am heading back there for the fourth time next March.

    Make sure you go to Jaisalmer. It is my favourite place in India. I can recommend the Surja Guesthouse inside the fort. It is very good value, friendly and has an excellent view of the city.

  3. Gopal Krish Says:

    Dear Richard. Wishing you a great Journey ahead. Cant wait for those blissful experiences in your post with pictures. Thanks. Gopal

  4. Says:

    We are excited and waiting to travel through the post…! Happy Journey!!
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  5. drsundaram Says:

    dear mr richard and Carol
    wish you all enjoyment happiness and pleasure with Joy

  6. Shanmugavel Ramakrishnan Says:

    Hi Richard Have a good one..

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