Another Milestone!


With the last post (on Devi’s Roof Top), we have published 400 articles in this blog. There have been over 809,000 pages read. This means that an average page gets read more than 2000 times. The average reader looks at about two pages, so this is more than 400,000 times a reader has come to this blog.

The first post was on 25 July, 2008. More than five years ago. 270 weeks, 1985 days. So there has been about 1 1/2 posts per weeks, or about one every 5 days.

Here is our first photo published, a view of Arunachala from our first rented house (we are in our fourth house now).


I think each post takes about 12 hours each, consisting of: photography, uploading and reviewing the photos, selecting the photos to be published in an article, cropping and sometimes enhancing (via Photoshop) photos, creating the article, dropping the photos into it, researching as needed (sometimes this is many hours), writing, proofreading, rewriting as needed, then publishing the article, and notifying interested readers. If 12 hours per article, then 4,800 hours of effort in this blog now. Pay for work = 0 money, much pleasure of learning, and satisfaction with the results. Plus we get to meet some of you amazing readers!

A few more statistics (because I like numbers):

  • We have published 16,448 photos, an average of 41 per article. We have taken about 75,000 photos altogether. I think I am on my sixth camera, Carol her third. So the small digital cameras we use last about 10,000 photos.
  • Articles have been shared 1,359 times. So the average article is shared about 3 1/2 times. Most shares are by Facebook. Others are by email, twitter, etc.
  • 1,920 comments. So, on average each article gets about 5 comments.

Thank you for your readership! We make a great team, you and Carol and me.


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3 Responses to “Another Milestone!”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    Hey Richard and Carol, good job, keep up the good work, I always like to check out the new posts and have fond memories of visiting Tiru a couple of times so far as well as being welcomed into your home. Reading the latest posts allows me to dream of the time soon enough when I will return.

    Like is funny isn’t it ? Could you have imagined for a moment 30 or 40 years ago that you would be living at the foot of Arunachala ??
    I certainly never would have imagined I would sit in the caves Ramana sat in or climb the hill that he loved so much, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    Best wishes to you both


  2. drsundaram Says:

    fantastic. your dedication and commitment is well appreciated and i pray Lord Arunachala for your welfare

  3. Neil Harvey Says:

    Hi Richard
    Your efforts are much appreciated by many people including myself. Please keep the articles coming.

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