Devi’s Roof Top Mountain View Restaurant open for the season.


One of the new institutions of Tiruvannamalai opened today, Devi’s Rooftop. South Indian food. This is a small café run by a local woman who is a great cook. It will be open morning, noon and night. Today is their first serving of the season.

So far there are no signs, but it is easy to find, though.

Drive out of Tiruvannamalai from Ramana Ashram on Bangalore Road (Chengam Road), until you are almost at Pradakshina Road. You will see an intersection like this. The faint blue sign in the distance past the cycle is where the Pradakshina Road begins.


Here it is on a map.


The restaurant is located in Nandi Nagar, named for the big Nandi right past the road to the café. If you see this Nandi, you have gone too far (by maybe 40 meters).


If you can see this small police substation, you have gone too far.


Here is the street.


Looking down the street into Nandi Nagar, a left turn off of Bangalore Road.


On the corner there is a painting of Yogi Ramsurat Kumar.


This is done by a local artist who calls himself Rambo. (He is a local man with an interesting story. Go here to find out more.)

Turn right at the painting.


Looking down the street after you turn right. It is the second more colorful building on the left.


This one, nicely painted.


With this great window.


Up the stairs.


And here it is. We are almost the first ones here today.


They have the best Arunachala view of anyplace.


We enjoyed a thali lunch today. The food was very fresh and tasty.


The Indian lady is Devi.


This is her husband, Karuna, a local taxi driver, well liked by Westerners.


We enjoyed ourselves talking over lunch.


As we walked down the stairs after the meal, there was one more great Arunachala view. Om Arunachala!


They say they will be open every day.

Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 AM
Lunch 13:30 to 3:00
Dinner 7:30 to 9:00 PM

Maybe you want to call he first: 9442 315 855

We enjoyed it, maybe you will too! Good food, fresh, well prepared.


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3 Responses to “Devi’s Roof Top Mountain View Restaurant open for the season.”

  1. rsrinivas56 Says:

    would like to visit see this place and see the smiling Indian lady!
    when I visit on 24th

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Ask one of the Ramanasramam (or better yet, the drivers in front of Sheshedri Ashram). Ask for Karuna, her husband.

  2. Says:

    Dear Richard. Thank you for the beautiful blog again! 🙂

    I just send another donation for the old swami’s in need of food and shelter. Via pay pal : $ 70

    Hope you are happy and healthy. Greetings to Carol Love Elke-Petra (Ekabhakti)

    Elke Petra Palm Reiki Master, N.D. 212-580-2966

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