Take a quick poll about the blog?


I would like to ask for a bit of feedback. Can you fill out this short poll? More than one answer is OK. Thanks. 


3 Responses to “Take a quick poll about the blog?”

  1. Ashok Anjana Says:

    Yes, We learning from you how to live and die as Hindu, which we understand is not a religion but a way to mold ourselves into a good human being. We are from Kerala, Hindus, respect your blog and follow and study it very keenly..expect more and more from you to make ourselves aware what actually we are, and our country, our culture, standard of living etc etc..and getting more purer and purer…thanks Dear Mr.Richard and Carol

  2. Ajurimar Fernandes Says:

    Namaste Richard, eu adoro este blog!!! Nunca deixe de nos mandar notícias e novidades da Índia e principalmente de Tiruvannamalai. Obrigado mais uma vez.

  3. Teresa Ann Says:

    Namaste Richard, Do you know how much i look forward to your reports?
    I am unable to be physically by the mountain but Ramana and the mountain are in my heart.
    So please continue the blog. i have saved everyone of them!
    With Ramana’s Love, Teresa

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