Preparations for Kumbabishekam at Ramanasramam


The Kumbabishekam (spiritual renewal of the temples) at Ramanasramam starts this Friday, 23 August, 2013.

Preparations have been going on for some weeks. They are almost complete now.

There is a pandal over the entry gate.


The scaffolding used to clean and repair the towers has been removed, replaced with wooden stairs and walkways. These will be used during the high spot of this ceremony, on 25 August, when they will be anointed with holy water.


A yagasala (ceremonial enclosure) has been constructed, with three altars and fire pits.


Looking into the yagasala. This will be the main site of the first two days. These two days will be filled with the chanting of mantras, conducting of poojas, and homas – fire sacrifices. These activities build up the spiritual energy that will be transferred to the main temple idols, and to the Kalasas atop each of the temple towers.


A worker is digging out one of the fire pits.


There is a walkway around the tower over the samadhi of Sri Ramana Maharshi, too. So this renewal is for both the Mother’s Temple and the Ramana Samadhi.


Workmen are repairing and repainting the main doors into the Ramana Samadhi.


Window repair and refinishing also is being done. Part of the process of preparing for a Kumbabishekam is the cleaning and renewing of everything in the temple.


Here is the detailed schedule:

We are looking forward to this holy event. Carol and I will be there with our cameras. We hope to have a good report for those of you who cannot be here.


For more information about the Kumbabishekam process, please view the posts below. They show in detail what happens at these holy celebrations.

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One Response to “Preparations for Kumbabishekam at Ramanasramam”

  1. Krishnamurthy Rama Says:

    Dear Mr: Richard, I am thankful to u for updating all the news about T.V.Malai and the Ashram forhcoming events. Though farawy I feel near to the Holy Arunachala.

    R.Krishnamurthy Brampton, Canada

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