Who is Sri Bhagavan? – final days of campaign


Who is Sri Bhagavan? is a special film being made by a talented US documentary video maker and devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Jim Clark. Here is his statement about the video:

There have been many fine biographies of Sri Bhagavan produced as books and films that thoroughly cover the many details of His life.  “Who is Sri Bhagavan?” will not be biographical in nature.  Although the film will follow the major events in Sri Bhagavan’s life to give the film a structure, the emphasis will be on the spiritual significance of those events and how they help reveal who Sri Bhagavan is and what He taught.

The film’s title, “Who Is Sri Bhagavan?”, is a question that cannot be answered in word or thoughts.  But the wise say, that if one ardently follows Sri Bhagavan’s guidance to turn the mind inwards towards the Heart – one can know Him, His Teachings, and one’s own Self.

Sri Bhagavan is the the Silent One, who abides as the Self Within – free from the world, the body, and the mind. Following Sri Bhagavan’s Teachings, the film will focus on the “inner experience”, the “inner feeling” as it invites the viewer to turn the mind inward towards the Self.  To guide this inward journey, we will be using Sri Bhagavan’s teachings as found in the books “The Origin of Spiritual instruction”, “The Essence of Enquiry”, and “Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi”.  We will also be using the teachings of the great Advaitic sages, Ribhu and Sankara to whom Sri Bhagavan often referred.

This film will be more of a meditation on the teachings of Sri Ramana, than a showing of events. As such it will be a valuable addition to those interesting in Bhagavan’s teaching and practice. This will be true, whether the viewer is newly come to these teachings, or have been practicing for years.

Jim has funded most of the cost for this video out of his own packet. This has included two trips to India for filming. To comjplete this work, he is asking for help. Please find a way to support this important work. Any money made by this film will be donated ro Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai, and to other Ramana centers.

Here is the link to the donation campaign page: Who is Sri Bhagavan?

Act now! Please help in this valuable effort to bring the peace of Sri Ramana Maharshi to interested people around the world.

Who is Sri Bhagavan?


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One Response to “Who is Sri Bhagavan? – final days of campaign”

  1. Krishnamoorthy Ramachandran Says:

    A good effort.I wish the team all success.

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