Who is Sri Bhagavan?


Who Is Sri Bhagavan? A Meditation on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and His Teachings.

This is a film being made by a friend of mine, Jim Clark. Jim has great devotion for Ramana Maharishi, and a deep practice of Self-inquiry.  He is also a talented documentary filmmaker. You may have seen his short film, Arunachala Dhyanam, that he made for Ramanasramam.

Jim is now working on a film that, following Sri Bhagavan’s Teachings, will focus on the “inner experience,” the “inner feeling” as it invites the viewer to turn the mind inward towards the Self. The proceeds from this film will go to Ramanasramam, and to some other Ramana centers.

(click on the image below to go to the site)


He has funded two trips to India that were needed to shoot this film. He needs to make one more trip, and is asking for financial help.

If you love Ramana Maharshi, please look at this site, and donate if you can.



2 Responses to “Who is Sri Bhagavan?”

  1. kalpa108 Says:

    Is this project connected to the Jean Dedieu and/or Alan Jacobs film? Or the other project?

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      NO this is not. This is a different film that tries to look more into the experience of Ramana, rather than Ramana’s life. Jim knows about the other effort, in fact was invited to participate. He felt though that this film was needed.

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