Satsang with Nome: What do you consider yourself to be?


For many years I have listened to recordings of Nome of SAT in Santa Cruz giving satsang. Now I can share some of my favorites with you.

Recently I have had to buy extra disk space from WordPress for the blog and all the photos. With the extra space came the ability to offer audio files. I asked SAT if I could post some of these audios on this blog, and they agreed. This is the first in a series of such postings.

I think these are especially important for those interested in Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Self-inquiry. Nome teaches entirely from Ramana’s revelation of the Self. This can greatly deepen your inquiry.

Below is the discourse “What do you consider yourself to be?”

Listen, reflect and deeply meditate.


Click on the play button of the link below to play It is a little less than 9 minutes long.

The SAT website is . You can listen to or see more satsang recordings, and purchase mp3 files of spiritual teachings for download.

4 Responses to “Satsang with Nome: What do you consider yourself to be?”

  1. mysticresearcher Says:

    ‘What do you consider yourself to be? ‘ is really great transformation in understanding the orginial ‘Who am I’ in todays terms.

    Is is possible to put the speech in words. It will be great to read and read again and clear our mind.


  2. Ronald Faraldo Says:

    My paticular “I” ness,continues unabated with is opinions,desires,fears and thoughts.LET IT CONTINUE to play whatever game that it is interested in at any paticular time. It will anyway .Just totally surrender to everything and in this surrender ; watch. There are two.The I that depends on the mind, the Ego and is limited.And the ONE you ARE which really doesn´t care one way or the other about all the desires and fears and pain that the Ego and mind are so totally involved in.This is who I truly AM.We all are.
    The I will disappear with death anyway.Abide in the real; the eternal and just watch the Ego I play and do whatever its history dictates, like watching a play.Enjoy all that IS.This is our “birthright” even before any physical birth.THAT is who we are. Thank God.

  3. suryanarayanarajumd Says:

    Beautiful exposition.

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