No new posts for some time.


Mt internet at my home has been down for about three months, that is why no new posts. BSNL had been giving me an OK connection for about three years. Then one day it stopped. Their service people tried a bit, then said that I was out of their coverage range (even though nothing has changed on my part in three years).

I am in the US now, traveling with my wife to visit kids and my teacher, Nome at SAT. Another company says they are working on something, and I may have connectivity when I return. I sure hope so.

Sorry for the problem. When the posting resumes you will see more on the temples, shrines and sadhus on the Arunachala Pradakshina route. Also so from Carol’s trip to Guatemala (including something about a Ramana center there).

13 Responses to “No new posts for some time.”

  1. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Will privatising big state owned firms like BSNL,Railways,Airways etc help and elevate the customer service levels and profitability?

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Don’t know. A big part of problem is a workforce that harks back to 1950 telephone technology. So computer technology and skills are not widespread. And a management that has never had to worry about competitiveness but was charged with extending phone service throughout India, and is more live a government bureaucracy.

  2. mysticresearcher Says:

    India with 1.2 billion population, it is really that difficult to solve telephone – internet connectivetly issues. even place like Bangalore City where i live.
    So please adjust for some time 🙂

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      BSNL, the India state telephone company has been losing good profitable business because they cannot support internet users. There have been articles published about this. So far what I have heard is that BSNL is searching for those who leaked the information, not trying to improve their service. This seems like bad management to me. They have a big opportunity, and are giving it away to the smaller companies providing wireless internet through cell towers.

  3. cspacenz Says:

    Hey Richard, after my recent visit to Tiru and staying outside of town on the farm I got a first hand look at what a very big deal getting things done like phone, internet, electricity, plumbing etc. In one case with the electricians they had to pay in advance then wait and wait and wait. It had been several months before I arrived and even though they were still promising to come today, tomorrow or whenever, they still didn’t come that entire month that I was there.

    Even getting a SIM card for my iPhone was a major project so I don’t know how you and other westerners manage sometimes, I think you must be a saint, or at least have a high level of tolerance.

    Best wishes to you and Carol.

    New Zealand

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Hey, thanks for the message. I see that you appreciate the problem. Sometimes in India even the most simple things seem complicated.

  4. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Hello Richard and Carol,

    Glad to hear from you folks!.Have a great time and was missing your posts big time :).Hope your health is fine.Prayers and much love to you both

    Best Regards,

  5. Ramesh Mathu Says:

    how are you??


    • Richard Clarke Says:

      We are doing well, visiting our children and grandkids in California. We will be back in June.

  6. ghariharan Says:

    Welcome to (your own) USA. Have a good time while you and Carol are in this country. And, Happy traveling.

    Ps: I have BSNL Internet connection in Chennai. I found the service very good, and they attended to complaints promptly. Did you try to contact them on their complaint telephone no. 1500? At least that is the no. in Chennai.

  7. Alex Tkachov Says:

    Namaste Richard and Carol!
    I glad to see again you on communication and to read your posts. I wrote somehow to you the letter after our meeting in March in Tiruvannamalai. But the answer was not – now I know why.
    Good luck to you!!
    Alex. Ukraine.

  8. agoyvaerts Says:

    Enjoy your trip in the US Richard, and looking forward to more excellent posts from you on your return, hoping that your connection gets resolved.
    Warm greetings

  9. satyaja Says:

    So happy, Richard, to have this update from you and Carol. I have missed your posts. Be well and safe during your travels.



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