Good Hotel and Restaurant Opening Soon across from Ramanasramam


Arpanaa Hotels, who already operates one of the best hotels and restaurants in Tiruvannamalai, are getting ready to open another hotel here, across the street from Ramana Ashram. This wll be a good addition, with quality food and accommodations.

It is across from the buest rooms next to the tank near the ashram. It has been under construction for about the last year. I think cloth covers the sign now.


We saw flower malas strung up at the entrance and decided to go investigate. Here is Carol at the entrance.


We met the chef, who says the restaurant will be open in a few days. And then met the new manager, Mr. G Peter. He is standing in the doorway to the restaurant.


On the floor, to celebrate the coming opening of the restaurant is a beautiful flower design, a kolam.


The is another at the entrance to the restaurant.


I have good hopes for this place. We have eaten at the original Arpanaa a number of times and always enjoyed it. It is pure Indian vegetarian. The menu is better than most other places in town, with many North Indian dishes as well as the familiar South India cuisine.  Maybe some Western dishes as well?


Arpanaa is one of the best rated hotels in Tiruvannamalai.  I heard from a friend who stayed at the hotel that they were very happy. The place has a very good service level. One thing that the main hotel had was a big generator. There are many power cuts every day here, since Tamil Nadu does not have enough electrical generation capability. So most places, even those with some kind of power backup system, don’t have the power to run your air conditioner during a power cut. At Arpanaa, like other high end places, you can run your AC all night long for a good cool sleep. The power situation in Tamil Nadu is pretty bad, so this can make a big difference in your stay. I don’t know if they will have the same capability here, but I think they will.

I am not sure what the room rates will be, or when they will open the residency. The other hotel charged rs 3000 per night. b

If you have questions, email Mr. Peter at .



3 Responses to “Good Hotel and Restaurant Opening Soon across from Ramanasramam”

  1. agoyvaerts Says:

    I was wondering would it make the area around the Ashram more commercial which would be a pity. I know things can’t stay the way they always were. When I first came to the Ashram in 2004 I remember a totally different Tiruvanamalai. However it is good to see some good improvements too. People there know best. Memories go back to the rooms at the Pink House in those days, and of course staying in the older rooms at the Ashram itself. Wonderful memories.

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I don’t think this will make any difference in the atmosphere around the ashram. I dod think that people will like to have more options for good food, and for some, the accommodation will be great. For Tiruvannamalai, the rooms will be pricy, but for some still a good value.

      The issue with change in India is a big one, though. In the villages are the roots of a culture that is thousands of years old. As people move to the city, aa big part of this is lost. As the next generation grows up with television and smart phones, much more is lost. India is rushing headlong into becoming a modern country. I fear that much will be lost (that we visitors value) in the transition.

      Situations like this are but a microcosm of the larger changes afoot.l

  2. twopaisa Says:

    Though Arpana is a good hotel, this is a very bad location overall. It is going to congest the road near the ashram even further. There is clearly not enough parking space and one cannot imagine the situation on full moon days when road side shops spring up. It is only in India that the serenity of religious places can be raped with such impunity. Only Arunachala knows how many crores were paid as bribe to obtain this hotel license flouting all norms.

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