Merry Christmas to All


It is Christmas day here in India. There is not much Christmas spirit in Tiruvannamalai (which is the usual situation in Hindu Tamil Nadu), but I wanted to wish you the deep happiness that you heart desires.

Here are a few local photos from this Christmas day, so you could see what our local Christmas is like.

The Arunachala peak in the early morning. It was a cloudy morning here.

Arunachala Christmas Morning 2012

A young Langur monkey, sitting in the trees near Arunachala.

Langur Monkey in Sonagiri Forest

The pleasant atmosphere eating at Sri Ramanasramam for Christmas dinner today.

Eating Christmas dinner at Ramanasramam

Today’s meal. Rice and sambar, potatoes, and for a special treat we got the Indian equivalent to black-eyed peas.

Christmas dinner at Ramanasramam

We have had a great Christmas. We miss our family this time of year, but it makes us happy to go to Ramanasramam for the “Christmas feast.”

I wish the best to you and your family.



9 Responses to “Merry Christmas to All”

  1. nineaums Says:

    Thank you, dear Richard, for this wonderful write up and all of your blogs. I agree with the comment, above, from Agoyvaerts. You do such a great service to those of us who are away from Thiru by bringing it into our homes, or wherever we are, online. We now take it for granted but it is only in the last decade or so that we have become accustomed to emails and instant messages and photos. I am grateful to you….
    May you and Carol be showered with divine blessings always….With love ❤

  2. richardramanarocksforever Says:

    Seasons greetings Dear Richard! and Carol!

    Thanks infinitude!!

    May every moment of yours be filled with joy!!

    Best Regards,

  3. Narasimhan Ksl Says:

    Thanks for the post… wish you and Carol a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  4. Selvaraj V Maruthai Muthuraja Says:

    Seasons greetings to you and your family Richard. Thank you so very much for continuously helping to draw our thoughts always back to Arunachala and Bhagawan Ramana. That is the greatest service and we salute you for it.

  5. agoyvaerts Says:

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas time too Richard. Thank you for your wonderful coverage of Tiruvanamalai, reading your blogs and seeing your photos always brings me a little closer to that wonderful place on earth ~ Ramanashram and Tiruvanamalai.
    ~ Namaste ~

  6. cspacenz Says:

    Yes, greeting of the season to you too Richard. Many thanks for your blog posts throughout the year which are always interesting and always showing a different aspect of life in Tiruvannamalai and around Arunachala.

    I am currently in Munich for a month where we have had a lot of snow, along with freezing temperatures, and for me a great look at the traditional German-style Christmas build-up.In just 4 days time I will be experiencing the extreme of my return to India and Arunachala, from -16 degrees last week to 30+ degrees and all that goes with it. I can’t wait !

  7. Teresa Ann Says:

    Thanks Richard for the post especially at Chrismas! Arunachala is always in my heart and many of us around the world appreciate your blog and wonderful photos. It brings us to the ashram and our beloved Guru!

  8. Gopal Achanta Says:

    Merry Christmas with Peace,Joy,Happines and a Happy New Year. You are a very Special person. Your presence with Carol at Ramanasramam is a significant event and your Blogs are deeply appreciated and cherished.
    A.Gopal at Chennai.

  9. kashluck Says:

    Merry Christmas to You, Carol and family in USA.
    Perhaps you can plan your next visit to America during Christmas so that you can be with your family.

    In Singapore, the entire stretch of the main shopping area known as Orchard Road is lighted up and decorated for Christmas. It is a beautiful sight, on for more than a month starting December 1st.
    Similarly, the entire stretch of Serangoon Road which is located in area called “Little India’ is decorated and lighted up for a month during Deepavali.
    And during Ramzan, the area known as “Geylang”is lighted up.
    All this is done by the Government, with the support of businessmen.

    A. Raviprakash (Ravi)

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