Inquiry for walking Arunachala – When I move, what within me is motionless?


I walk near Arunachala every morning. I have tried inquiry while walking, but still I feel that “I” am in motion, even through I know from what I have been taught, and my own experience, that within, as my very being, is That which is always silent and motionless. I sent am email to my teacher, Nome of the Society of Abidance in Truth, in Santa Cruz, CA, USA, explaining that my experience is still limited to the moving body, senses, flow of breath, and mind, rather than the changeless, and asking for his help. This is his response to me. I thought the teaching is clear and deep and that there might be others who read this blog that would be interested. So I decided to post it.


Dear Richard

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya

Existence, which is the Self, is ever unmoving and is always changeless.

From what vantage point do you perceive the movements and changes of the body? That which knows must be bodiless.

What is it that knows the changes of the senses and prana? That must be transcendent of them and unaffected by their changes and motions.

What is it that, unknown by the mind, knows the mind and its motions? That is innately mind-transcendent.

Consciousness, which alone knows, is the Existence, which alone is.

Yes, as the Self ever is, you are able to experience your true identity continuously and forever. The inquiry is the self-revelation of the very nature of your Being, which perpetually is as it is. This is the One without a second.

Inquire. Inquire deeply. Inquire thoroughly. Inquire consistently.

Just as, while walking on Arunachala, above and below there is Arunachala, and all of the motion is only on Arunachala and you do not depart from Arunachala, so it is with the motions of all and the Self.

Om Namah Sivaya


Holy Arunachala Mountain

Holy Arunachala Mountain

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2 Responses to “Inquiry for walking Arunachala – When I move, what within me is motionless?”

  1. Palaniappan Says:

    Beautiful reply from the master. “Inquire. Inquire deeply. Inquire thoroughly. Inquire consistently.”

  2. cspacenz Says:

    Yes, very nice to read. Your teacher seems to be very sound and with real humility (as opposed to the not very real “humility” so many “spiritual teachers” have these days)

    I have not sat with a teacher this time around and Ramana is the standard for me so I have not discovered one I would be bothered with. From what I have seen via your blog I feel that Nome is one that I could look to if I ever needed a physical teacher. In saying that I am happy with the constant teaching I somehow receive from Ramana.

    Thanks for the post Richard.

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