An Old Man in Tiruvannamalai Can Walk Again.


India does not have much in the way of resources for old people. The tradition here is that the oldest son will take care of his parents. This does not work for everyone. Sometimes the oldest son just is not capable of handling this, maybe he has no job, or has a problem with alcohol. Maybe he has moved away. Or maybe there are no children. That is the case with Mothian, age 75, and his 70-year-old wife, Purnima. They live in a village near Tiruvannamalai, Anapirandan Village, on Perumbakken Road.


The couple were discovered by Dhakshinamoorthy of Quality of Life Trust, India, a local nonprofit focused on the needs of discarded old people in villages near Tiruvannamalai. Mothian had injured his leg, and was unable to walk or to do anything to support his wife and himself. He had fallen (a common problem when you get old) and broken his leg. He had not been able to afford going to a doctor, and his leg was just bandaged around a splint.

The picture below was taken in September. As we arrived he was out in front of his house. He had crawled there to go to the bathroom. Mothian was unable to walk. His wife was desperate. They had no food, and now her husband could not provide for them. We met with them and agreed to help. Starting the next day, prepared meals were taken to them from the Quality of Life Trust. And Dhakshinamoorthy made plans to get Mothian to a hospital.


During the next few weeks his leg was set properly and put in a cast to heal.

Now the cast is off, and Mothian is able to walk – with the assistance of a walker.

Quality of Life has been getting him medical care for the leg, providing meals for him and his wife, and given him this walker.


It is hard for him to climb up into the walker, but when he does, he can move pretty well.


His wife still feels pretty distressed, I think.


Mothian told me that now he can walk all the way to the palm tree, down the road, a pretty good distance.


This elderly couple is now able to live in their small house, amid the neighbors they have known for years. They know they will be able to have food every day, and Mothian is on his way to healing. With the walker, he is again mobile. Their life is difficult, but much better than it was a few weeks ago. Then they were starving, and Mothian would probably never have been able to walk again. Now their last years now will be tolerable, at least, with the help of Quality of Life Trust. .

You can help

The care for this one man cost the Quality of Life Trust about Rs. 30,000, or US$600. The Trust could give this care because of donations that have been given to it. If you would like to help old people like this couple, a donation to Quality of Life Trust would be most appreciated, and in India, your donation goes a long way. If you want to help, let me know. Email me at and I will let you know how you can donate.

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4 Responses to “An Old Man in Tiruvannamalai Can Walk Again.”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    In some ways we think we are better off in the West but I’m not entirely sure, in fact, I am sure we are not. As far as the so-called “pleasures” of life go, sure, we have the ability to enjoy a little more, albeit fleetingly and certainly not for any period of time.

    Reading stories like this we see these people live right on the edge where life is sharp. Whilst we look at this and feel sorrow, pity, compassion or whatever here in our comfortable lounge rooms, having just eaten a satisfying meal, checking in on our expensive computers we are really no better off than these dear people spiritually and I would suggest much worse off because we think we can achieve some sort of happiness through out material pursuits.

    But great work, being done, great story, thanks very much Richard.

    And I will be back in Tiru in just16 days, can’t wait !

  2. agoyvaerts Says:

    So lovely to see the elderly man and his wife receiving help and able to enjoy their old age.

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