New Restaurant in Tiruvannamalai, Ananda Bhavan – A2B


There is a new place to eat in Tiruvannamalai, on the north side of town. It’s a branch of the well-known Adyar Ananda Bhavan chain, that has many outlets in India’s big cities. In Tiru, it is housed in a new hotel, the Shiva Residency, on the road from Tiruvannamalai to Vellore.

Here is the building. This new building looks modern and nice.


Arunachala can be seen from the parking lot. I bet there is a great view from the top of the building! Here we see Arunachala from the northeast.


On the bottom floor, above the underground parking area, are the Adyar Ananda Bhavan – A2B. Here, I think the actual restaurant is called “A2B,” while the Adyar Ananda Bhavan is the famous “Sweets and Snacks” counter. This is the first ‘chain’ restaurant in Tiruvannamalai. Maybe it is a sign of things to come, as Tiruvannamalai grows and prospers.


Their breakfast menu offers the standard South Indian fare. The menu card lists some items from North India, too. This is about the only place we know in town that one can get much North Indian food.


The entrance looks clean and contemporary.


So does the inside of the restaurant. We both had ghee dosas (which were fabulous–crunchy and greasy, just the way they’re supposed to be) and milk coffee afterward. The food was good, so was the service. The price was OK, too.


We enjoyed our breakfast, and will go back again. Here, once more, is the building so you will recognize it driving by (and a milestone , 29, to locate it)


Here is a map.

You could take Girivalam Road, turn left at Vellore Road, then go maybe 1 km, on the left.
(double click to zoom to enlarge the map.)


There are are not that many good places for Westerners to eat in Tiruvannamalai. We always seem to be seeking restaurants with more variety in their menu offerings. Ananda Bhavan seems like it will be a good place, and with a few items not found at other local veg places to eat.

Our Second Visit

We went back again and had lunch, a South Indian ‘Special’ Meal. It was OK, but not at the top of the list of our favorite local places for this meal. The ice cream after the meal was much better than usual, however. We will definitely go again for lunch and order something else.

Unlike on our first visit, where we were almost alone in the dining room, today the restaurant was full to overflowing. Every table was taken. We were able to get one quickly, though. It looks like this place is taking off quickly.

And, for us non-veggers, we saw that there is a non-veg restaurant just opening up on the fifth floor of the Shiva Residency. We’ll have to go check it out.

Finally, at a special Diwali meal at our friends’ house, we were served sweets that came from the Ananda Bhavan counter. So it’s prestigious, as well!


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5 Responses to “New Restaurant in Tiruvannamalai, Ananda Bhavan – A2B”

  1. cspacenz Says:

    The humble omelette from Shanti Cafe was my regular

  2. agoyvaerts Says:

    Rooftop cafe was always my favourite place to eat in Tiru, great food, lovely staff, and great view of the road and all the people passing. But thanks for keeping us up to date of what’s happening Richard.

  3. cspacenz Says:

    Ah yes, the dosas at brekky were very good. Funny thing about that (from my “Only In India file) I remember asking if I could have a banana dosa and they said that wasn’t possible. So I asked for a plain dosa and then asked for a banana. I then of course sliced up the banana and with a little butter proceeded to make myself a delicious banana dosa. All the staff came to see this and were thoroughly entertained having never seen such a thing !

  4. cspacenz Says:

    Sounds interesting Richard, I will be back in Tiru for January, I will remember to go there to check it out.

    Do you go to the Sparsa restaurant at all ??

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      Yes, enjoy it when we do. We are not big fans of their breakfasts, though, except for their dosas. We go there, but infrequently.

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