Mooji not Returning to Tiruvannamalai?


I do not think that Mooji will return to Tiruvannamalai. When he left in early 2012, I heard that he moved everything out of the hall he was using for satsang. Mooji satsang  painting was also overpainted on the walls of the facility.

I see no mention on his website. On the site I do see mention of schedules in Ukraine, Portugal, and Spain. the schedule only goes through October, though.


If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.


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12 Responses to “Mooji not Returning to Tiruvannamalai?”

  1. tsuresh1 Says:

    Its not that… When you crave to meet someone, it indicates that person is right for you. I too would like to know when he will be back in Thiruvannamalai

  2. Ronald Faraldo Says:

    Oh come on everyone; there are as many paths and levels as there are people.Mooji seems to be just right for some who will be ready for something more profound at a later stage prehaps.Ramana and the experience of Arunachala took me many years to find.
    Sometimes the “path” needs to be followed to reach the goal. We cannot all see so clearly as some of my brothers and sisters whose comments I have read here. Everything is Shiva; all is one.Love to you “all”.

  3. S. Arunachalananda (@Arunachalananda) Says:

    Why to hop from one satsangteacher to the next? With sadguru Arunachala there is always satsang. 24 h a day, 7 days in the week and 12 month in the year. Arunachala / Sri Ramana, no diference.

  4. Aparna Sharma (@Aparna18) Says:

    Oh, even I have been checking out Mooji’s page for quite a few months. I am very very keen to do a retreat with Mooji (in Thiru)

    I wonder……. I pray it happens.

    Love and light

  5. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    I guess Sri Ramana would not agree with such statement. Around holy Arunachala which is form of Lord Shiva in this world were many great sidhas and gurus since time immemorial. Ramana is greatest but not only one and only.
    Such view is a bit cultish and against SANATANA DHARMA.

  6. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    I dont understand what Richard mean. Is Sri Ramana symbol/name for a self OR he means it literally?

  7. cspacenz Says:

    Seems there are at least two Mooji followers reading these posts judging by the “thumbs down” thingys.

    But I was reflecting on the Mooji issue and his growing cult in relation to Ramana. Ramana largely taught in silence, keeping speech to an absolute minimum. These modern day “teachers’ seem to feel the need to do any awful lot of talking. HW Poonja has a lot to answer for endorsing some of these ones to go out and teach, it’s not enough to have a charismatic personality and the ability to pull a crowd together.

    One of my most interesting experiences, over a period of two months in Tiruvannamalai, was the observation of so many of the Mooji fans I met and spent time with while they were attending his meetings and then staying in touch with some since that time. It’s a busy mind process he perpetuates and seems to be a part of the problem he is purporting to cure.

    Just commenting here, that’s all. Makes me appreciate the simplicity of Ramanas teachings and further shows me that these teachers are really not necessary (though I appreciate there are at least two who will disagree !)

  8. Vasek Vaclav Says:

    Thanks to God if he will not come…

  9. pumdv Says:

    Yes well said with regard to Mooji. It is a fact that the lease period for the Rice Mill is over and Mooji has better followers only abroad than in India. Tiru rejected Mooji not other way round, If he really was Arunachala devotee whatever hardship he must have given away his wealth to be at the foot of Arunachala. Unlike Ramana who in spite of his mother askign him to come back stayput at the foot of Arunachala and got the blessings of the lord and is immortal. So Mooji is just a material man who spent lot of time matting his hairs using tamarind pulp and egg protein. STill if Mooji wants to be in India I am sure we can help him. But with a request to propagate correct information and not for publicity.

  10. cspacenz Says:

    Pardon me for being a bit cynical but I understand that there is better money to be elsewhere and unfortunately Mooji seems to have discovered what so many other “spiritual teachers” have discovered, that it pays very very well.

    Ramana didn’t find any need to travel around on the circuit !

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