Additional Barriers put up to block Arunachala’s Inner Path


I saw this morning that an additional brush barrier has been put at the entrance to the Inner Path via the path to Kanappa Temple. This barrier also blocks access to the temple as well. A brief check confirmed that additional brush barriers have been put in place between Kanappa  Temple and closer to Tiruvannamalai, extending probably to the barrier erected on the small dirt track to Kattu Siva Tank.


This means the barriers now limit access to Arunachala’s Inner Path, from near Ramanasramam to Kanappa  Temple (and Nityananda’s Ashram).

I am told by several people that these barriers are only temporary. I do not know what that actually means. For now the Indian Forest Department thinks that there is some kind of serious problem with Arunachala’s Inner Path, and that something drastic had to be done. I have heard a number of things about what the problems might be. At this point, I am not sure what to think about them. I do know, though, that access to Arunachala’s Inner Path, loved by many as a place where one can get away from the noise and commercialism of the outer Pradakshina route and experience Arunachala’s quiet peace is now banned by the Forest Department. If you have plans that involve the Inner Path, you may not be able to walk it.


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5 Responses to “Additional Barriers put up to block Arunachala’s Inner Path”

  1. annamalaima Says:

    HI Richard,
    I don’t know what you heard, would like to know. BUT, I thnk it may have something to do with worrying that no foreigner gets caught in any local lit fire on the mountain. I also bet it is temporary; until this fire season is over (which has been going on for sometime now). Also, people will definitely ‘break down the barriers’ in a short time. Hehehehe!!!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      I had not head this. Thanks for one more idea of what is going on. The more I hear, the less I know.

  2. kalpa108 Says:

    This is sad news. You had mentioned a meeting with representatives of the Forestry Dept. Did this occur yet?
    What are the precise problems with the inner path, does any one know? Can these not be resolved in a less dramatic manner? Are there people willing to walk the inner path and find out whether anything happens?

    Thanks for your sad update!

    • Richard Clarke Says:

      There was a meeting, we are asked to support their efforts and told they will only be short term.We will see. Also as I said in the post, I can tell you what the problems actually are in the mind of the Forestry Department, I have heard a number of things, none which agree with each other.

      As to what individuals do or do not do, I cannot say. I cannot in good faith encourage anyone to violate the ban. Finally people make their own choices on this.

  3. cspacenz Says:

    It’s plain to see this will only lead to terrorist activity !!!

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